Machine Gun Kelly Wants To Know ‘Why Are You Here’?

Machine Gun Kelly Wants To Know ‘Why Are You Here’?

We are big fans of Machine Gun Kelly here at THP. This should come as no surprise when he simply cannot make a bad song. His catalog is stockpiled to the brim with bops, and this new effort is no exception!

The song, co-produced by MGK, pairs his ability of creating explicit and scandalous lyrics with an ear-catching melody. On the love-turned-sour track, MGK finds himself face to face with an ex as they arrive at the same venue on the arms of other people.

The Cleveland musician proves his skill with balancing the line between hip hop and rock leaning tracks. With ‘Why Are You Here’ falling comfortably into the latter of the genres.


2019 has been an eventful year for MGK; it has included the release of the studio album Hotel Diablo, a sold out two-part promotional tour, and his annual EST Fest. We have also been treated to some epic collabs such as ‘Glass House’ ft. Naomi Wild, ‘Candy’ ft. Trippie Redd, ‘el diablo’ and ‘I Think I’m OKAY’ ft. Yungblud and Travis Barker.

Adding to his growing list of accolades, he has also recently teased the Floor 13 trailer, his new video game, which is set to his duly titled song. The animation takes place in the fictional Hotel Diablo. We cannot wait to check the game out!

You can stream ‘Why Are You Here’ … here!


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