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5 Reasons Why … You Should Stan Waterparks

5 Reasons Why … You Should Stan Waterparks

We stan A LOT of artists here at THP, and Waterparks are no exception. If you have been around since the days of Airplane Conversations or you have recently discovered them through their latest album release, Fandom it doesn’t matter.

So while we could ramble on for days about how much we love Awsten, Geoff & Otto, we have compiled 5 of our favorite reasons to love them and stan so hard!

They Encourage Fans’ Talent & Will Often Share Or Post Art They Receive.

Not only are Waterparks creative, talented individuals, but the band support, encourage, and celebrate our creativity too. Knowing they enjoy it fills our hearts. It’s also fantastic to see how talented this fandom is — it’s mind-blowing!

They Put On One Hell Of A Show

A Waterparks show is like no other, surrounded by friends and other people who love the band as much as you. Not only that but the band put on a performance that will live in your most treasured memories forever!

The Show Must Go On …

Even if Awsten or one of the other band members are ill, these guys will do their utmost to avoid canceling a show. For example, drummer Otto stepped up recently when Awsten wasn’t very well to do vocals. Waterparks became Ottoparks temporarily … and we’re not mad about it!

They Are Not Afraid To Speak Up And Remind Fans To Not Gate-Keep!

All fandoms, especially on stan Twitter have their moments and their drama. The Parx fandom is no exception sadly, but when it gets out of hand, the band account will let you know!

They Encourage Other Bands To Keep Going Like They Did …

It’s amazing to know that as Waterparks rise and get bigger and more people become fans, that they remember their roots. They encourage and remind other bands that are starting out to keep pushing like they did. It worked for them and it’s great to see they show their support too!

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We could sit here all day and list SO many other reasons to stan and support this band, but we’re only able to squeeze five in here. Trust us when we say that if you want to listen to a band that has powerful, relatable, diverse songs and are not afraid to experiment with their art, then Waterparks is the band for you!

Do you stan and if so what is your favorite Parx track? Have you seen them on tour, or will you be seeing them soon? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop!

To Learn More About Waterparks:

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