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12 Days 12 Movies (Day 11 Christmas Movie Review)

12 Days 12 Movies (Day 11 Christmas Movie Review)

While I sit waiting for Christmas mass, packed in to the elbows, I’m thankful people at least bathed and dressed well before coming. And that I was able to grow up watching this movie. Enough times for me to want to write a Christmas movie review.

We’re rapping on the door of our countdown to Christmas. For those of you that stuck with from the beginning, we at The Honey Pop thank you! If you’re just joining us, welcome! We still have another Christmas movie tomorrow to review.

As for today, this movie will be plastered from morning to night on TBS. You’ll have ample opportunity to see this one if you haven’t.

A Christmas Story

It was bound to happen! You all knew it. We knew it. And only fitting that this movie cap off our Christmas Eve movie review.

From Red Ryder’s BB Gun, to frozen poles and double dog dares, this movie is a Christmas icon, no one can argue. The story of a young boy’s favorite Christmas as a child. As an adult, he narrates the movie and offers a wiser perspective of his former self. A Red Ryder BB gun is all he wants. But will he get it?

Ralphie’s Red Ryder Source: GIPHY

If he does, it certainly takes plenty of convincing. From his parents, to his teacher, and even a shopping mall Santa, it seems all hope is lost. But Christmas is full of hope and Ralphie learns this as a young boy. A Christmas Story takes us on a holiday adventure, the domestic drama over a leg lamp, the Christmas tree shopping, and the Christmas parades. School life in early December that gets kids itching for Christmas — it’s so close but not close enough!

Most of us remember writing lists and drinking milk with dinner. The sound of Dad’s car coming up the driveway as he comes home from work. Those walks home from school. Checking the pot to see what Mom is cooking.

We see how Ralphie deals with bullies, handles his grades and what happens when you, as a kid, say the ‘f dash dash dash’ word.

Ralphie oh fudge Source: GIPHY

A Christmas Story has the ability to capture what it’s like to be a kid again. Something that’s hard to appreciate while watching as a kid, but the older we get the more we notice that we miss doing ourselves. It’s full of funny moments that’ll have adults and children chuckling alike. Plenty of quotes and plenty of smiles. Plenty of nostalgia that’ll remembering the best Christmas you ever had growing up.

We’ll all feel fra-gee-lay while watching this movie grown up.

A Christmas Story Museum

A Christmas Story to many is a holiday tradition. And to the people in Cleveland Ohio, A Christmas Story is more than tradition. It’s almost a reality. The Christmas Story house was turned into a museum, full of props and dioramas. To think, so much hoopla over such a simple movie. And we’re all stuck on it.

Outside of Cleveland, movie lovers can purchase A Christmas Story ornaments, statues (leg lamps too) and figurines too. For some reason this movie took on a life of its own, becoming more than just a Christmas movie. Like the Big Lebowski, this is a rare product of human creativity. A Christmas Story touches just the right nerve at just the right time. Whether it captures something about Christmas that reminds us all of what it’s like to be a kid, or more simply that it’s just a good movie, A Christmas Story survived the times and lives its peak life today.

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What did you ask Santa for Christmas? A new furnace? A BB gun? Maybe a leg lamp? Just kidding, nobody except Ralphie’s dad wants that! Maybe bunny ear slippers …

Ralphie as a bunny Source: GIPHY

Let us know what you asked for Christmas this year! Comment below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

To Learn More About Christmas Story:
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Featured Image Source: IMDB A Christmas Story

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