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Quiz: Create an Epic Playlist and We’ll Tell You Which Jade Thirlwall You Are

Quiz: Create an Epic Playlist and We’ll Tell You Which Jade Thirlwall You Are

Jade Thirlwall

In case you weren’t aware, Little Mix are one of – if not the – hottest girl band on the planet right now. But often they’re appreciated just as a group and not for each of them being incredible individuals. Take Miss Jade Thirlwall for example. She’s a living legend. She’s got killer vocals, dance moves for days, she’s stylish, she’s funny, she’s caring, she’s an LGBTQIA+ advocate. She’s literally just a KWEEN.

jade thirlwall little mix quiz
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She is truly a doll. What we would do to have her as a friend, you would not believe!

We first met Jade back in 2008 on her first audition for The X Factor. Sadly, she didn’t make it very far but lucky for her, fate brought her together with three other incredible girls – Jesy, Leigh-Anne, and Perrie, and thus Little Mix was born. Since 2011, the girls have taken over the world as the hottest girl band of this decade and we’ve truly not been able to get enough of them.

We’ve fallen in love with each of the girls for their own reasons and love them all dearly. We just wish the world would see how incredible they are as the quartet behind the fame. That’s what we at The Honey POP want to do – share with the world why each of them are truly incredible gals.

We wanted to celebrate Jade a little today with this quiz. We’re asking you Mixers to create an epic playlist of the best songs and we’ll tell you which Jade Thirlwall you are.

Little Mix Jade Thirlwall Quiz
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We love ya, Jeed!

So, which Jade Thirlwall are you? Be sure to drop your answers in the comments or tweet them to us @TheHoneyPOP! Aaaannnd SASHAY AWAY!

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