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5 Things to Expect at a Waterparks Show

5 Things to Expect at a Waterparks Show

Listen, I know, you’re probably thinking “what’s so different about a Waterparks show that I need to read about what to expect?” or “what’s gonna happen to me if I go see them?” or “I’m hungry.” Well, let me just stop you right there, because … I can’t help you with that last part. But the rest? Leave that to me.

This year was a huge one for Waterparks, having released their third full-length album Fandom in October to some amazing reception, landing high spots on several different Billboard charts. While a lot of things have changed since their last album Entertainment, a lot of things have stayed the same. One of those things being that they know how to put on one of the best shows that I have been to in my life. And that’s saying a lot. I’ve seen Yungblud.

So after having the chance to see Waterparks both once last year and twice this year, I wanna talk a little about what to expect when you go see them, because I promise you it’s something you don’t want to miss.

1. You’re Going to Laugh … A Lot

Image Source: Jawn Rocha

Another thing that’s never changed about Waterparks is that they’re funny. Humor is definitely something that the band has used and made their brand over the years to create some really memorable… Well, everything. Between clean versions that almost sound like parodies of their own songs (see the lyrics “I miss wearing pants but at least I don’t wanna die” and “I’d unhug you if I could”) and music videos that pan to Otto Wood half naked playing drums on a toilet, you know they don’t take themselves too seriously. Dad joke stand-up sessions, recorder recitals to candlelight and Awsten Knight playing videos of ridiculous vocal warm-ups off his phone and making everybody sing along are all things you might experience at a Waterparks show.

2. You Might Get Roasted

One thing I love about the band is that they feel like that friend of yours that you know you’re close enough to that you can insult them, get away with it and still love each other just as much as if you had complimented them instead. And the feeling is mutual. Whether it’s during a meet and greet or between songs, lead singer Awsten Knight is going to have something to say to you… Or do to you. Maybe he’ll steal your phone and start sending off tweets. Maybe he’ll want to fight you outside because he thinks your shoes would make good weapons. Or maybe he’ll tell you the world doesn’t revolve around you when you talk during his story-telling. Who knows. Certainly didn’t happen to me. Haha. Ha.

3. You’ll Feel Like Family

Image Source: Jawn Rocha

Something I’ve never failed to feel at a Waterparks show is like I belong, and like I’m surrounded by one big endearingly dysfunctional family. I’ve never made as many new friends at one show as I have at my first Parx show this year (shout-out Kansas City, mwah), and nothing has matched the energy like the energy from my second (and shout-out Los Angeles!). Whether you’re waiting in line or chilling with the crowd, there’s always people happy to be stupid with (for) you.

4. You’ll Fall in Love

While I want to say I don’t mean that literally… concerts are great places to meet people. But I mean that more in the sense that if you’re not a fan yet, and you go see Waterparks, I bet you will be then. That’s what happened to me. The first time I saw them, I went for the opening band. I didn’t really know who Waterparks was besides the fact that they were the weird band with the dude that screams online. Yet I’ll always remember that as the show that I had the most fun at, felt the happiest living in the moment at. I didn’t know any songs or who anybody was but it was just that good. And that’s a tough thing to accomplish. And if you’re already a fan, you’ll just fall deeper in love with every show.

5. You’re Going to Have the Time of Your Life

Image Source: Jawn Rocha

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been following them since their very first show or you have no idea who they are. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been to one show or a dozen. Waterparks is going to give you the sort of experience that you’ll never forget, each and every time. Every show is unique in a way that a lot of artists can’t pull off. So if you can ever make it to a Waterparks show… Please, do yourself the favor and go. You won’t regret it. Unless Awsten actually fights you. Which would still be pretty cool.

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Feature Image & Words: Andy Andreas

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