Stray Kids “Mixtape : Gone Days”

Stray Kids “Mixtape : Gone Days”

Following tradition, Stray Kids added a mixtape project to their comebacks and closed 2019 with an awesome piece.

If you’re not a Stray Kids fan, you’re probably not used to such a light concept from the group (even with the R&B mix to it). Since their debut, the JYP Entertainment boygroup has been known for their heavy beats and EDM mixes with smashing choreography. But, Stray Kids do have diversity to their discography. And, their new Mixtape work Gone Days is proof that the boys can pull it off.

“Ok, Boomer.”

Gone Days sounds similar to ‘Kkondae’ (꼰대), a slang Korean word for a “condescending person.” The current twitter moment associates the reference as an ‘ok, boomer’ inspiration for the piece. I can’t agree more that this is really one of the best ways of finishing the year. After all, the meme has been a mark of 2019.

However, the lyrics of Gone Days go beyond a meme and we do have to clap for the boys on this one. The mixtape speaks of how close-minded people hold onto the past instead of embracing the future and the changes of the newest generation. Everyone has heard the expression ‘millennials,’ right? Usually, it’s the adults using it in a condescending manner to tell us ‘we have it ‘easy,’ ‘we are diong it wrong,’ etc. Stray Kids bring these issues to light by directly speaking to their Kkondae and saying that those days are gone, we need to move on and face a new reality. Let the new generation come in!

«Gone days

This year is ending anyway

Stop saying “back in my days”

I can’t stand it anymore, hey»

– Lee Known part, Gone Days

Song & MV

Image Source: JYP Entertainment

There’s something about this song that has me divided since I am admittedly a fan of Stray Kids’ characteristic robust sound. But, I appreciate the diversity in the group’s portfolio. Gone Days is essentially a very basic song. And it’s not the first time we hear such sound from K-Pop groups, making it not particularly distinct either. However, it is sort of a different song inside the boy’s panoply and it does have a pretty good vibe to it.

Maybe it will not make it to my playlist, or maybe (after a few more listens) I’ll play it through all January of 2020 – hey, Stray Kids are a good group to start the year with, yeah? – but it’s still a question mark in my head. I like K-R&B and K-Hip Hop. But, then again, the song could be just a passenger and I probably wouldn’t have spared some time on it if it wasn’t for the particular time of the year it was released.

Honestly, if this was a full comeback, I would be slightly disappointed. But considering this is an extra release, I can only be happy with it. Diversity is always welcome. Also, Stray Kids have great potential to be one of the faces for the newest generation in K-Pop and versatility can only play in their favor.

Overall, it is a good song. But, for now, it’s just that.

On a more technical note: The mixture of the K-Pop and the K-R&B is most likely in consequence of Giriboy’s and Trippy’s arrangements, even though the lyrics are written by the group’s leader Bang Chan.  

Looking for Stray Kids? We have it!

Lost in K-pop? Watch out!


Words and Featured Image by Rita Louren

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