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5 Seconds Of Summer: Their Top 7 Moments Of 2019

5 Seconds Of Summer: Their Top 7 Moments Of 2019

Ah, so you’ve come for the 5SOS content. Understandable! Here at THP we have a bit of an obsession with the men of 5 Seconds Of Summer. We just can’t help it. They keep us on our toes with their humor, killer music and live shows!

As an OG fan, it’s hard to believe it’s been over eight years since the band formed. We’ve watched them grow and mature into the wise men that they are today!

If you are new to the 5 Seconds Of Summer fandom, welcome! We are here to show you why you picked the right band to follow! In fact, we’re only going to use moments from 2019. Here we go!

1 . Michael Proposing to Crystal Lauderdale

Okay serious (teary) heart eyes! On January 11 of this year, Michael popped the big question to his long-term girlfriend, Crystal Lauderdale. The couple were vacationing in their favorite spot in Bali. I mean, we get it! Have you seen the pictures? Here let us show you!

Isn’t she cute? UGH

It’s beyond gorgeous and it’s no wonder that the pair spend so much time there! On Crystal’s and Michael’s third anniversary, he got down on one knee and asked Crystal to be his bride. We weren’t there, but we saw the pictures and cried out of pride and happiness.

Im emo asf… send help

2 . 5 Seconds of Summer Spoke Out Against The Hate and Bullying Directed At Their Loved Ones

Luke went public with his relationship with Sierra Deaton back in February. And frankly, we have never seen Luke so happy. However, many fans didn’t see it that way.

A tweet was sent out into the 5SOS stan Twitter universe. The tweet was nasty and caught the eye of a a lot of people, including three members of the band. We will not be including the tweet out of respect for Sierra, even though she was able to make a light-hearted joke out of the whole thing.

Luke had finally had enough (he had every right to), and let his thoughts be known to the same girl who sent out the rancid tweet in the first place.

After Luke came forward, it encouraged some of the other band members to express their feelings as well. Michael spoke up about his experiences with Crystal.

Calum spoke out as well. He has been single for a while (as far as we know) but spoke out as a friend on behalf of the women his best friends love.

Ugh, I just love them!

Stand up for what you believe in, because at the end of the day, there are probably people who feel the same way you do. Your spoken word may be just the thing they need to speak up as well!

3. 5 Seconds of Summer Went Back On Tour!

World War Joy tour kicked off in Cincinnati on September 25. They joined the tour with The Chainsmokers in order to grow and experiment with their fanbase. The tour was interesting and sparked a lot of debate on twitter, but those who went and experienced the music themselves had a blast!


5SOS came on stage first leaving The Chainsmokers to follow. However the boys came back out for their song ‘Who Do You Love’ which they featured on with The Chainsmokers.

And if you’ve ever been to a 5 Second of Summer show you know which boy you want to be in front of and half the fun is fighting for your way to the front. It’s kind of rewarding, you know? If you’ve never been barricade, here’s a small glimpse of the view from Michael’s side!


Your chance is coming guys! The boys are heading back out on tour in 2020 on their ‘No Shame’ tour! Meet you there! 😉

4 . 5 Seconds of Summer Released ‘Easier’ and ‘Teeth’

‘Easier’ and ‘Teeth’ are two of the songs off of their next upcoming album. We haven’t gotten too much information about this record aside from teasers that it’s “different” and it’s coming “soon.” In case you didn’t know … 5SOS don’t have the best track record when it comes to the word soon.

‘Easier’ was released on May 23 2019. It was the first track to drop as a single for their new album. It was written with Charlie Puth, and while he helped write the song, he also did a collab with 5 Seconds of Summer on a remix version of the track.

Next came ‘Easier: Live From The Vault’. Let us just say, if we had to choose one song to listen to for the rest of our lives … this one is it.

And finally we get to ‘Teeth’. This song was used in the second season of Thirteen Reasons Why. Fittingly enough, the song was used during a boxing scene.

We got a ‘Teeth: Live From The Vault‘ for this song as well. They truly fed the fandom between remixes and behind the scenes content for just two songs.

Yeah, we’re into drummers too…

5 . Luke Got Tattoos

For the longest time our pure little Luke had clean ,wholesome skin. He’s since been corrupted, but that’s okay we still love him just the same. Maybe more.

We can’t wait to see what ink the boys are bound to get around the world on this next tour!

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6 . Calum and Ashton Both Fully Dyed Their Hair For the First Time

Ashton technically dyed his hair in 2018 just before Christmas, but it was so close to 2019 that we’ll let it slide. His red hair debuted over Christmas in 2018. We love a festive king.

Aesthetics man

He then transitioned back to his natural brownish/ blonde hair in order to move on to the next color. This is perhaps a fandom favorite … the black hair.

oH mY goD

Calum also had his hair dyeing moments. Mid January of 2019 Calum bleached his entire head of hair blonde for the first time. We love that for him. And us. Mostly him (us).

But then he really hit us with it. Shortly after Ashton posted about his red hair, Calum decided it was a great idea to join the hair color gang with the color blue.

And along with his new color, came a new style as well.

It just works

7 . Their Competitiveness On Good Mythical Morning

Caution: This next segment is not for the faint of heart or stomach.

The boys of 5 Seconds of Summer participated in two types of “game shows.” The first one is called Yakapella. Already sounds nasty, right? Well, it gets worse. The guys were split into two teams alongside the two hosts, Rhett and Link.

The game consisted of two members from each team. A nasty food item was revealed, and the chosen team member had to sing the name of the food for as long as they could. The first one to end their note had to eat the object.


The second game appeared on the Good Mythical More channel, Rhett and Link’s after-the-show-show. This game consisted of a wheel of comments made by fans, and the boys having to guess who the comment was about.

Followed by a toothbrush challenge in honor of their new song ‘Teeth’. Spoiler alert: They don’t use toothpaste.

Literally… EW

Do you have any memorable moments of 5SOS in 2019? Let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP or using the hashtag #THP5SOSMemories

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Featured Image Source: Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM  

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