Yungblud Puts on Show in Melbourne at The Tote For Just $5 in Honor of Raising Money for those Affected by the Australian Bushfires

Yungblud Puts on Show in Melbourne at The Tote For Just $5 in Honor of Raising Money for those Affected by the Australian Bushfires

Fans were left to patiently wait this evening as Yungblud teased a surprise on twitter. On the other hand, some fans were not waiting as patiently…

Within just half an hour, Dom had fans on the edge of their seats waiting for the surprise. In the meantime, another hint was dropped.

Fans rushed to their vehicles and rushed to the falls in order to catch whatever the surprise would be! Little did they know that it would be well worth their time.

At 1:30 PM in Melbourne time, the surprise was finally announced – we weren’t sure if we could wait much longer!

The event is in support of the amazing work being done by the emergency services in Australia. For those who have yet to hear, the bushfires throughout Australia have claimed 8 lives, destroyed over 3 Million hectares of land and broken millions of hearts. We are so proud to be a fan of an amazing artist who would take the time to raise money for these brave firefighters.

Can’t make it? Don’t worry, because Dom is willing to let everyone hear the music. He is leaving all the windows open so everyone can enjoy some Yungblud.

Fans have about 6 hours to arrive at the venue in Melbourne, which is the tote, to get tickets in time. Let us know if you are going to the show! We’d love to join you in spirit!

The first show starts at 7pm for under 18’s and the second show starts at 9pm for those over 18 folks!

Do you just wanna die for the hype? Pls don’t. We’ll hype you up here okay?

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