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From Loona to Monsta X – Here’s 10 Awesome K-POP Choreographies of 2019!

From Loona to Monsta X – Here’s 10 Awesome K-POP Choreographies of 2019!

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One of the things that made me stick around as a K-POP fan when I first discovered the genre was the whole performative context around the genre. Most idols don’t just stand on the stage playing songs, holding a guitar, and call it a show. I’m not criticising, I’m really not. This core fact that idols put so much effort into their whole performance, not only vocally but also when it comes to dancing, was a turning point for me to stay. I love dance, so it’s only logical that K-POP choreographies hold a special place in my heart.

k-pop choreographies
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With the explanation on the table, I figured it would be good to mention some of the choreography I have appreciated in 2019. The newest generations of groups and artists in the Korean music industry are bringing the standards of dance way higher. For this reason, it gets harder and harder to make a top for them. In consequence, I must clarify; this is not a “top 10 best choreographies of 2019”. It’s only a suggestion of some of the choreography that caught my attention and I have chosen to share with our beloved readers.

Second explanation: checked. Let’s get into it.

Here are 10 Awesome K-POP choreographies of 2019!

Taemin – ‘Want’

Even if I tried, the list would never be completed without including this. Taemin really deserves one of the crowns when it comes to dancing royalty in Korea. The maknae of SHINee is always on the top when it comes to dance and ‘Want’ is no exception.

Ateez – ‘Hala Hala’

It was a severe fight, I must say. I tried very hard not to repeat any artists in this list. And even succeeding, it’s with a broken heart that I leave behind any other choreography these boys have done. Ateez have been slaying the industry on many levels, dancing being one of them. ‘Hala Hala’ gains the top spot for the super smooth – almost non-existent – transitions, the beat matching details and the powerful delivery.

Chung-ah – ‘Gotta Go’

Chung-ah has made a pretty big name for herself and is seen as one core solo artist of the industry at the moment. Her dance is so on point and she has sharp movements that catch your eye instantly.

Monsta X – ‘Alligator’

Monsta X also gave me a hard time. Between ‘Follow’ and ‘Alligator’, I had to choose the second, not only for the drawing positions but also for the formation and transition process. The boys dancing in the water in the MV may or may not have helped a little…

Dreamcatcher – ‘Déjà vu’

Dreamcatcher is one of those groups who surprised me the most upon debut. If you listen to their songs without watching an MV or dance practice, you’d probably never think of choreography to match their style – unless you’re a choreographer or a dance teacher. But not only do they come up always with beautiful dances, but they also make a great delivery.

SuperM – ‘Joppin’’

You can say it all you want, but ‘Joppin’’ really isn’t my song for 2019. However, the choreography really is a blast. Nothing less could be expected, though, when putting SM Entertainment’s best male dancers in one group together.

TXT – ‘Runaway’

Oh man, these boys have wings on their feet! Since debut TXT have been surprising me with their choreographies and their delivery. It’s usual to see groups where some members do lack a little of vibrancy or technique compared to others. However, that difference is almost non-existent in TXT. All the boys deliver great dance through performing and all of them even seem weightless at some point.

Loona – ‘Butterfly’

I think this can easily be argued as one of the most beautiful choreographies of 2019. Even when Loona covers the dances of other artists, they deliver such perfect performances that you’d be led to think over half of the group are main dancers. So, it’s very heartwarming seeing the girls perform such beautiful choreography of their own!

Seventeen – ‘HIT’

The first thing I think when I see Seventeen is baksu! But the second thing is their amazing coordination. If the reason is having so many members or not, I cannot say for sure, but Seventeen have one of the most coordinated and perfectionist groups of all. All members dance in sync to perfection; it’s a blessing to the eye. ‘Hit’ is no exception, and it adds to it an amazing dance break.

I*Zone – ‘Violeta’

I*Zone’s ‘Violeta’s ‘dance has a similar effect on me as ‘Butterfly’, even if the chorus is faster. The only word I can use to describe this choreography with is beautiful.

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Honorable Mentions

As I said before, these are not a top 10 but only recommendations for those who are also interested in K-Pop choreography. My 2019 favorites include a list with over 40 choreographies that I could talk non-stop about. However, in this small paragraph, I would like to mention other choreographies that could have made this list easily such as Stray Kids ‘Miroh‘, NCT 127 ‘Superhuman’ or GOT7 ‘Eclipse’ for male artists; Mamamoo ‘Gogobebe‘, Sunmi Lalalay or GFriend Sunrise for female artists. And of course, we cannot forget the giants such as BTS ‘Boy With Luv‘ or ‘Dionysus‘, and more recent EXO’s ‘Obsession‘.

Image Source: LovelyZ K-POP

If I had to mention one group that surprised me, I would say Twice. I’ve never been keen to watch their choreographies, but in 2019 Twice have delivered such good performances both with ‘Fancy’ and ‘Feel Special‘, I really do have to give credit to these amazing girls, their talent and all the effort they make even with all their success.

So, what choreos were you obsessed with this year? Be sure to list them down in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Words and Featured Image:  Rita Louren

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