It Looks Like Rihanna’s Album Is Coming Sooner Than We Think

It’s been nearly four years since the last Rihanna last album, ANTI. Although she featured on a couple of singles from then to now, the Navy is still demanding for more music (and we don’t blame them).

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Sure, we were blessed with ‘Wild Thoughts’ and a remix for ‘Lemon’ in 2017, but we need the album. Don’t believe how much we want it? Here are some funny tweets we found regarding R9/R10:

Okay, okay, we’re sure you get the point now, but good news! Hints have been dropping and rumors have been spreading; it seems to us that R9 is closer to us than we think.

Exhibit A

Def Jams posted a picture of Rihanna just the day after Christmas. Of course, it could just be because they want to admire her beauty, but… it’s definitely meant to tell us something. You don’t see them posting pictures of her every day, do you?


Exhibit B

We’re just gonna leave this here. We get it, Rih, you have three brands to keep up with and a few books you had released early on. Totally understand, but now you’re just teasing us. We don’t think you’d post this if it weren’t coming soon. Enough with the trolling!

Exhibit C

There have been rumors regarding the songs that are registered on both R9 and R10. Some of the tracks were quickly shut down and confirmed as false, such as ‘Small Dirty Secrets,’ ‘Mayday,’ and ‘Whip It’ feat. Meg Thee Stallion (We know, we would’ve loved a collab from them, too).

‘Private Loving’ is also out of the question, as she had also shut that down in an interview with ET back in October.

However, thanks to Pop Crave, we now have an idea of what R9/R10 will consist of. They had found every unreleased and registered track that is credited to our queen!

Here are the 24 tracks in alphabetical order:

See Also

  1. Barbed Wire
  2. BoyToy
  3. Body Language
  4. Cross The Line
  5. Drop That
  6. Freeze It
  7. Garden
  8. Gonna Let This Love
  9. Gotta Have You Right Now
  10. Gwan Look Pon It
  11. Lack of Communication
  12. Locked Down
  13. Love Is A Bitch
  14. Love Looks Like Us
  15. Save It Up
  16. Ohh Lights Up
  17. One Time
  18. One Life To Live
  19. Only Fun
  20. Only One
  21. Plugs and Connections
  22. Rush
  23. Save It Up
  24. Where D The Magic Go

The Navy also found out about songwriter Aleicia Nicole, who has apparently helped write on one of Rihanna’s tracks titled ‘Freeze It.’

If you remember back in 2015, the Navy helped predict three hits from Anti, which were ‘Pose,’ ‘Never Ending,’ and ‘Love On The Brain.’ We wouldn’t doubt the Navy if we were you guys; they might just be right again!

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What do you think?

We already know her album is going to be inspired by reggae music and her birthplace. We also know that we’ll probably be getting two albums, according to Variety.

What do you guys think about the rumors spiraling? Do you believe Rihanna’s album is coming soon? You decide: drop a comment down below or tweet us @THEHONEYPOP on Twitter!

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