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A Decade in Review: Most Memorable Moments in TV

A Decade in Review: Most Memorable Moments in TV

The Honey POP is back with our fourth and final installment of A Decade in Review and this time we’re looking back on the most memorable moments in TV. From premieres and finales to our favorite episodes and pivotal moments, our list has it all!

Sit back and don’t change the channel! Here are The Honey POP’s Most Memorable Moments in TV.

Pretty Little Liars Turns Us Into Detectives (2010)

Image Source: Cosmopolitan

ABC Family (now Freeform) was changed forever when Pretty Little Liars premiered in 2010. The show instantly became a hit for the network and changed the way teens watched television. Pretty Little Liars was one of the first shows to integrate the watching experience with Twitter through the use of hashtags. The move helped Pretty Little Liars earn views in live time in an era where no one was watching television live

Pretty Little Liars is on The Honey POP’s most memorable moments in TV list because of its cult following! The show spanned 7 seasons as fans desperately tried to figure out who ‘A’ was. It doesn’t matter if you loved or hated the ending, there’s no denying the first season of the show was impactful.

Unfortunately, Pretty Little Liars isn’t available to stream currently but it will be made available in 2020 when HBO Max is launched. If you can’t wait that long you can purchase the series on iTunes and Amazon Prime Video.

Bye, Bye Hannah Montana (2011)

Image Source: MTV / Disney Channel

Okay, okay technically we said goodbye to Hannah Montana in 2010 when Miley Stewart revealed she was Hannah Montana to the world but we didn’t really lose Hannah Montana until 2011 when the final episode of the iconic Disney Channel show aired.

Who could forget that final scene where Lily is sitting in her dorm room waiting for her roommate to enter only to reveal her best friend is on the other side? We sure can’t.

Lucky for us, we can rewatch our childhood favorite show over and over with Disney+!

One Direction’s Acting Debut (2012)

Image Source: FanPop

We told you, One Direction owned the decade! The 2010s were so important for them them that they even managed to make it on our most memorable moments in television list!

In 2012, One Direction returned to our television screens as they entered the world of iCarly. The episode centers around One Direction performing on Carly’s popular web show but things go wrong when Harry Styles get sick. But I’m sure you all remember the episode!

Not only did the episode mark One Direction’s acting debut, but it also earned 12 worldwide trending topics on Twitter! Talk about influential!

The Red Wedding (2013)

Image Source: Forbes

Even if you didn’t watch Game of Thrones you’ve heard of the infamous Red Wedding episode. The episode is so iconic that it has its own Wikipedia page! The episode was also nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award — though it did not win.

Not only was the Game Of Thrones episode entertaining, but it also spawned thousands of fan reaction videos that also deserve an Emmy! This compilation video is one of our favorites!

If you want to relive the shocking episode, you can stream it now on the HBO Now app.

Move Over Boys, It’s Time For Girls To Meet the World (2014)

Image Source: Hollywood Reporter / Disney Channel

11 years after the iconic sitcom Boy Meets World ended, Disney Channel welcomed us back into the Matthews’ lives. This time around the series focused on Corey and Topanga’s daughter Riley and her friends as they navigate their way through life.

The show was an instant hit with fans new and old. It also earned lots of critical praise including several Emmy nominations for the best children’s program. But, the real reason Girl Meets World is on The Honey POP’s A Decade in Review: Most Memorable Moments in TV list is because it introduced us to the incredible cast. Rowan Blanchard, Sabrina Carpenter, Peyton Meyer, and Corey Fogelmanis quickly became household names and favorites.

Unfortunately, the series was canceled in 2017 without a proper ending leaving many fans frustrated. Despite it all, Girl Meets World is one of the best reboots of the decade and certainly The Honey POP’s favorite.

Lucky for us, you can stream both Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World on Disney+.

Just Kidding…You’re Not Really Miss Universe (2015)

Image Source: CNN / 2015 Miss Universe Pageant

Poor Steve Harvey can’t live this one down.

In 2015, while hosting the Miss Universe pageant, Harvey announced that Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutiérrez Arévalo, was the winner when really she was the first runner up. Miss Colombia got crowned and soaked up her victory for a few seconds before Steve Harvey had to admit to his mistake. The crown was then revoked from Miss Colombia and placed on Miss Philippines, Pia Wurtzbach, head instead.

Talk about an embarrassing moment!

In all fairness, who calls the second place winner a first runner up? We totally don’t blame Steve Harvey for this error. And we certainly feel bad for Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines who had to have their moment outshined by this snafu. But hey, now they can say the moment landed them a spot on The Honey POP’s most memorable moments in TV list!

Things Got A Whole Lot Stranger (2016)

Image Source: / Netflix

No, a demogorgon didn’t threaten to eat us, we just really love Stranger Things which is why it’s on our A Decade in Review list.

Stranger Things became an instant hit when it premiered in 2016, allowing older fans to reminisce about their carefree childhood of the 80s while younger fans became fascinated with the 80s. Everyone wanted to know where Will was and even more, people wanted justice for Barb!

Netflix saw its subscriber count increase dramatically when they launched Stanger Things in 2016. Though Netflix doesn’t reveal its ratings, Professional speculated that the show brought in 14.07 million views in the first 35 days alone! That’s pretty impressive. The series also earned lots of praise from critics and several Emmy nominations.

If you still haven’t check out Hawkins, Indiana, we suggest you do. All three seasons of Stranger Things are streaming now on Netflix.

The Good Place Takes Us To A New Place (2017)

Image Source: NBC

When The Good Place premiered in 2016 it was met with rave reviews. Everyone loved watching Eleanor navigate the quirky Good Place as she struggles to understand why she has been sent to the good place since she’d been so mad in her past life.

It wasn’t until the season one finale aired in 2017; though, that got fans really excited and set the tone for the next three seasons. Spoiler alert … at the end of the first season, it’s revealed that the good place has been the bad place all along!

The twist was so shocking, most of the cast didn’t even know it was coming either! In fact, the creator, Mike Schur, only told Kristen Bell and Ted Danson the news. When Schur broke the news to the rest of the cast, Bell made sure to record their reactions and it’s priceless!

The series finale really caught people off guard but made for an exciting twist (unlike the one at the red wedding) which is why The Honey POP has decided to include it on our most memorable moments in tv list.

You can catch up with The Good Place on Netflix, Hulu, or the NBC App.

See Also

This Is Us Ruins Our Lives and Crock-Pot’s Wallets (2018)

Image Source: Deadline / NBC

When This Is Us premiered in 2016 it became an instant hit. It was such a big deal that people actually sat down to watch the show live which hadn’t been the case for a very long time. Fans flocked to the Pearson’s on Tuesday nights with their tissue boxes in tow. The first season confirmed fans worst fears, that the beloved patriarch Jack Pearson is dead in the present timeline but it wasn’t until 2018 that fans found out how Jack died.

Jack’s death was a big mystery for the show and some fans speculated they’d never find out how he died. Then in February 2018, the truth was revealed. SPOILER ALERT … Jack Pearson died of cardiac arrest due to smoke inhalation caused by a Crock-Pot starting a house fire.

Fans were devastated and many took out their anger out on the kitchen appliance. Many people threatened to throw their own Crock-Pots out and took to Twitter to voice their concerns. Crock-Pot had no choice but to join in on the free press by creating their own Twitter account to help fans grieve the loss of Jack.

Dan Fogelman, the show’s creator, was shocked to see the outcry against Crock-Pots that he also took to Twitter to remind fans that it wasn’t entirely Crock-Pots fault and that fans shouldn’t throw theirs away.

The episode was certainly a tear-jerker but its cultural impact was even bigger which is why it’s on our list!

Feel like crying over Jack’s death again? Hulu and the NBC APP have you covered.

Andi Mack Makes History On Disney Channel (2019)

Image Source: Pride.Com / Disney Channel

Andi Mack quickly became a popular Disney Channel series when it premiered in 2017. The show earned lots of praise from parents and critics for accurately representing what it’s like to be a young teenager in the 2010s. The show was also praised for its diversity. But the real reason Andi Mack is on our list is that it’s the first Disney Channel show to feature a main character who is gay.

While Cyrus’s sexuality was explored in the earlier seasons (a first for the Disney Channel), it wasn’t until the fourth season that his storyline made official history. See, Disney Channel had never had a character say “I’m gay” until Cryus did on Andi Mack in 2019.

The show saw ratings soar thanks to Cryus’s storyline proving that kids want to see themselves represented on-screen and are interested in diverse storylines.

As of right now, Cyrus remains as Disney Channel’s only gay character but hopefully, that changes going forward. Regardless, Cryus’s storyline in Andi Mack has made an impact on all of us.

The credits are rolling again? Wow, that was fast. Okay, now you can change the channel, I guess, since that concludes The Honey POP’s A Decade in Review: Most Memorable Moments in TV list.

We’ve had so much fun looking back on the most memorable moments of the last decade. Here’s hoping the 2020s are even more memorable than the 2010s!

We’re not going to lie, this list was really hard to make. We feel like we left off so many things! What was your favorite TV moment of the decade? Did we leave something off our A Decade in Review: Most Memorable Moments in TV list we shouldn’t have? What was your favorite A Decade in Review piece? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP! And make sure to use the hashtag #THPDecadeInReview!

Want to relieve more moments of the last decade? Check out our other A Decade in Review pieces.

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