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DJ Snake Is Back With A Remix of J Balvin And Ozunas ‘Loco Contigo’

DJ Snake Is Back With A Remix of J Balvin And Ozunas ‘Loco Contigo’

DJ Snake is back again with a killer remix! He has previously teamed up with artists such as Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Cardi B. This time he collabed with the Colombian singer, J Balvin, and Puerto Rican- Dominican rapper, Ozuna.

The pair have a song called ‘Loco Contigo’ and it was a summer smash hit. In fact, it was one of Spotify’s most streamed song of 2019! Can you believe that the song has over 374 million streams on Spotify alone?

Dj snake released his remix in June with Tyga and the Reggaeton pair. Although the song is upbeat and has some serious “get up and dance” vibes, it is a relatable feel-good song. It’s easy to jam out to anywhere!

In just the first verse, we are greeted by J Balvin singing about being crazy for someone, unable to get them out of his mind. “Tu me tienes loco, loco contigo/Yo trato y trato pero baby no te olvido,” (“You have me crazy, crazy with you. I try and try but baby I can’t forget you”). We’ve all been there, unfortunately.

The vocals are in both Spanish and English, and a flashy music video shot in a desert setting with vibrant, colorful outfits is there to join the hype. The music video directed by Colin Tilley, who has previously worked with stars like Nicki Minaj and Kendrick Lamar. 

You can listen to Dj Snakes remix here.

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