The Top 7 Harry Styles Moments In 2019

The Top 7 Harry Styles Moments In 2019

2019 has been Harry Styles‘ year! He has taken his time writing Fine Line and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome of this album! This year we have seen a brighter side of Harry that we haven’t seen in a while.

We are so excited to see this new side of him! With that having been said, we are here to bring you 7 of the moments of 2019 that made us fall in love with Harry Styles all over again.

1 . Harry Dropped Fine Line

It’s been a long awaited album, but it definitely met all of our expectations! The album seems to have a fruity theme to it without Harry even noticing, but we certainly did! The record has 12 tracks, each with its own unique sound, and some damn good lyrics, if we do say so ourselves.

Harry Styles‘ album sold 476 thousand copies in the first week! Just a few days later, it reached Gold status. This can take months and sometimes years for artists to reach, but he managed to achieve this incredible goal in under 14 days.

2 . Harry Styles Covers Lizzos ‘Juice’

Don’t worry we’re on our way to come get our man. On December 18, Harry Styles took over the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge to cover Lizzo’s song ‘Juice’. We are here for it. I think the whole world is here for it TBH.

If you didn’t listen to this on repeat since it came out, are you truly a Harry Styles fan? Fans even took it upon themselves to add it to Spotify. Bless you guys for real!

3. Harry’s Debut Album Live Performance

The same day Harry’s album dropped, he also held a live performance at The Forum, a celebration so to speak! The concert was announced November 3, and people actually lost their minds. If we lived anywhere near LA, we would have too!

By the next day, the entire show was entirely sold out! People did some heavy traveling to see the performance, and from what we can tell, it was completely worth it.

4 . He Took Over For James Corden

James Corden had to take some time off The Late Late Show, so he asked a couple of our favorite artists to take over. This included our favorite Cheshire lad.

On December 10, Harry took over in order to help out his friend. The program opened with Harry in the driver’s seat this time in a new rendition of Carpool Karaoke.

We then got an epic monologue and performance and eventually got to the part we all were waiting for. The infamous spill your guts or fill your guts… with Kendall Jenner.

They covered everything from which songs were written about Kendall to which sister is the best parent. It truly was a sight to see, although we don’t think we would be able to fill our guts with any of those foods. Yuck.

5 . Harry Styles In The Crosswalk Concert

Also thanks to James Corden, Harry put on one of the best performances we have perhaps ever seen. Lucky are the Los Angeles drivers who happened to be passing the corner of Beverly and Genesee during the right time may have caught a glimpse of the show.

James and Harry even handed out flyers displaying the announcement of the show. Some of the flyers had an old picture of harry on the cover with a puppy. Others, not so much.

7 . Harry Created An Entire Fake Island

It seems that we all have our bags and passports ready to go to Eroda. Eroda began to show up throughout the month of November, and it had everyone reeling to figure out what this place was.

There was an entire account, website, and YouTube channel in order for people to learn more about the country of Eroda. However, not one person could figure out where it came from. Did the world just suddenly pop up with a new country?


Harry Styles. This man created a whole country in order to promote his new song. As you have probably heard by now, Eroda spelt backward is Adore. Yup. All for ‘Adore You’. I mean we aren’t complaining though! A full 7 minutes of Harry in his music video? Yes please.

Are you going to see Harry performing in 2020? What’s most exciting about the show? Sound off in the comments below or by tweeting @TheHoneyPOP

Want more Harry Styles content? We got you bb.

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