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19 Most Memorable Music Moments Of 2019!

19 Most Memorable Music Moments Of 2019!

2019 has been an iconic year for music. So we thought with the year 2019 in mind, we would share our 19 most memorable music moments!

It’s safe to say that all the artists and groups mentioned have made a huge impact, so we have included our favorite moments and hope you agree! So, sit back and have a read and let’s relive some of the best things that have happened this year.

Lewis Capaldi Took Over The Charts On BOTH Sides Of The Atlantic!

He has been the UK’s sweetheart for a while, but Lewis also managed to hit the top spot in the US and become America’s Sweetheart, too. We could not be happier for one of our faves and we literally could not stan any harder if we tried! We’re also super excited for him to hit the road with none other than his best pal Niall, as well as the incredible Fletcher in 2020!

My Chemical Romance Came Back & Our EMO Hearts Thrived!

Our 19 most memorable music moments would not have been complete without mentioning the reunion of MCR. Our emo hearts were shook at the news and hope My Chemical Romance stick around and embark on a world tour so that all us fans get to see them live again!

Ariana Slays With ‘Thank U Next’ & ‘7 Rings’

Everything Ariana Grande does blows our minds and this year we have been fed well! ‘7 Rings,’ is one of the most-watched YouTube videos of the year. She has had a mind-blowing world tour, and music that we know we will be taking into the next decade with us. Thank U, Next…

Taylor Swift Dropped Incredible New Music & Made A Stand!

Taylor has had SO many moments this year! She released a duet with the legend that is Brendon Urie for ‘ME!’ quashed the bad blood with Katy Perry who featured in ‘You Need To Calm Down.’ We also got the Shawn Mendes collab we have wanted for a while! Taylor also took a stand defending the right for artists to own their music after not being able to own hers! Let’s not forget the iconic release of Lover as well as that AMA music performance … 2020 is only around the corner, and we suspect with a tour on the way we can only expect even greater things from Tay!

The Jonas Brothers Returned With New Music & Tour

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When The Jonas Brothers made their comeback us older fans were SO happy, but they have seamlessly managed to remain on top of their game with many younger fans joining in their love for Nick, Kevin & Joe. We got an amazing album and some incredible performances and a tour that continues on into 2020! Our hearts are full that’s for sure!

Lil Dicky Made Us Listen To An Important Message

You either loved or hated this track, sadly there is no in-between. However, the message behind it was important and got us talking about how we need to protect and save our planet! It was packed to the brim with features from some of our faves in the industry… Brendon, Halsey, Justin the list goes on and on!

Harry Styles Invited Us To Eroda & Made Us ‘Adore Him’ Even More!

He welcomed us to Eroda and we were confused for a while, but we think we get it now?! Anyway, the more important fact is, we got new music in the form of the album Fine Line & we got tour dates! EEK, I know we’re excited to see him on tour, too! We also cannot wait to see if we find out even more about Eroda. For now though, we will keep reminding ourselves if we get there, to NOT mention the pig!

Ed Sheeran Is Named UK Artist Of The Decade

It’s no surprise to us that Ed has made it as the artist of the decade in the UK but no matter where you are in the world his music will have made an impact. From his diverse collaborations and songwriting efforts to his own material, he has the knack of being able to create timeless, moving and special bops that we will sing along to for years to come!

Hip Hop & Country Collided & It worked!

This track dominated the charts for a HUGE chunk of the year and let’s be honest on paper it shouldn’t have worked. However, when you listen this track is guaranteed to be on a loop in your brain for the hours that follow. ‘Old Town Road’ whether you love it or hate it had a BIG impact on the music charts this year, spending 17 weeks on the top in the US alone!

5SOS Gave Us Two Amazing Singles

They may have spent a large part of the year touring with The Chainsmokers & Lennon Stella but our fave Aussie lads still gave us new music! ‘Easier’ with its powerful words and MOOD of a video stole our hearts and then ‘Teeth’ came along with its fierce yet catchy hooks and had us eagerly anticipating the new album in 2020. They also announced their UK/EU ‘No Shame’ tour and we’ve got our tickets and we are SO READY FOR THIS!

Lizzo Blew Our Minds

Lizzo has OWNED this year even being named the Times Magazine entertainer of the year. The US Singer/Rapper/Flutist has provided anthems for us all, encouraging body positivity and been an absolute icon! Lizzo makes us feel ‘Good As Hell’ and we hope to see a lot more of her in 2020!

BLACKPINK Ruled Coachella!

Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa, became the first KPOP group to headline a US music festival and they rocked it! For all those in attendance, BLACKPINK put on one hell of a show and proved why as a genre KPOP is here to stay! 

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Waterparks Released Fandom & We Were Shook

This year Waterparks released their third album ‘Fandom‘ and with it, the fanbase expanded even further. Awsten, Otto & Geoff have been firm faves of ours for a while and it’s heartwarming to see them get even bigger. They have just completed the US leg of the Fandom Tour and will be going on the UK/EU leg in a couple of short weeks. Seeing our faves blossom and get more exposure fills our hearts and we think 2019 was their best year yet, but 2020 will be even better!

Yungblud Dropped A Mindblowing EP

Yungblud gave us new music and ‘Hope For The Underrated Youth’ EP contains some thought-provoking and explosively beautiful music. We were also given a mind-blowing tour and also recently helped the Australian effort to get the devastating fires under control. Whatever Dom does seems to progressively get better and better. Even when we think he couldn’t be more amazing then he already is he proves us all wrong. With the Black Hearts Club he has created a safe space for anyone however, they identify and we love him so much!

Halsey Gave Us New Music Ahead Of 2020 Tour

Halsey gave us new music with empowering thought-provoking messages and announced a tour that is set to make 2020 one of her most impactful years alongside the release of her next album Manic. Like Dom, Halsey also recently helped fundraise for the Australian bushfire disaster showing the power of music to help is still very present!

Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper Had Us Asking Questions After THAT Oscar Performance.

This performance was beautiful but raised a lot of eyebrows! Gaga made it clear in a later interview that it was two actors wanting us to witness a display of love that the song provokes but many people still had their doubts. What did you think?

SuperM Jopped Their Way Straight To Number 1!

SuperM debuted at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 200 Albums Chart earning them the record as the first Korean act to reach the number 1 spot in the first week! POWERFUL and SO deserving! This all-star KPOP supergroup owns our hearts and their charting position shows we are not the only ones who feel that way for sure! 

Louis Fed Us New Music Ahead Of His 2020 Album Release

The 1D lads have definitely kept us happy this year and Louis’ effort is no exception to this. With new singles including the stunning ‘Don’t Let It Break Your Heart’ ahead of the January album and tour. One thing is for sure — we may have not gotten the One Direction reunion we wanted, but we have received some incredible music from them all in their respective solo careers! 

BTS Win Every Daesung!

This would not be a top music moment compilation without including the all-kill BTS made with winning EVERY Daesung this year! Their impact on the music scene, in general, is formidable. BTS has brought KPOP strongly into the mainstream and dominated ever since. We wouldn’t want it any other way either! 

So, those were our 19 top music moments of 2019! Did you agree or did we miss out on one of yours? We would love to know so please drop us a comment or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

Featured Image Source: Andreea Farcas

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