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Top Ten Popular Netflix Movies of 2019

Top Ten Popular Netflix Movies of 2019

Going out or staying in, however you celebrate your New Year’s holiday, enjoy it! And be safe. For those of us adverse to New Year’s Eve parties, enjoy the quiet night in. The last one of 2019. Celebrate it without popping champagne bottles and the inherent countdown from 10. Confetti is a hassle to clean up, anyways.

Take a walk to your couch and sit. Let Netflix walk you down memory lane. The streaming service tweeted out a graphic. A top ten of their most popular movies in 2019.

Recognize them? Any favorites in there? Let’s take a look at the top ten most popular Netflix movies of 2019!

Source: Twitter @Netflix

Oh. That can’t be right … Oh, but it is. This is the list of the top ten most popular Netflix movies of 2019. The numbers don’t lie. And we’re not gonna lie either: this is surprising. We’re not the only ones scratching our heads.

Well, there is an answer: in the fine print. Always a loophole in the fine print. The measuring system used to determine the most popular Netflix films is based on number of accounts that watched two minutes or more. Now that makes more sense. However, many viewers argue this metric doesn’t accurately represent ‘the most popular,’ but rather the most curious.

Fans of the thriller series Mindhunter aren’t satisfied. Neither are fans of You, El Camino, Anne with an ‘E’, Peaky Blinders and Sex Education. And any viewer who hates Adam Sandler is lighting his/her torch and getting the pitchforks ready.

This list may not pass the initial eye test. But looking closer, there are selections that deserve spots in the top ten. Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile came at just the right time when America was interested again in infamous serial killer Ted Bundy. And the Highwaymen reprised actors Kevin Costner, Woody Harrelson, and Kathy Bates in the serious roles of those in charge of hunting down Bonnie and Clyde. The Witcher and the Umbrella Academy snuck their way in and reached immense popularity online.

Regardless of these numbers, it’s safe to say Netflix had a banner year. Stranger Things returned to the lovable faces of Hawkins, Indiana with season 3. You came back to answer the cliffhanger left behind in season one. And Scorsese’s mobster epic the Irishman, as well as award winning Marriage Story marked two glowing achievements for Netflix and garnered respect from critics and viewers alike.

Netflix’s 2019 seemed to be the year of the ‘return.’ The return of our favorite characters and actors. Storylines seemingly wound back the clock just for moments at a time, to remember these special things wholly, before moving on to the new. And what better way to mark off the decade than with these numerous trips to the past. Reflections of our lifetimes. A reminder of where we came from, and a gentle turn forward to the direction we’re going.

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If you’re staying in this New Year’s Eve, take a look through Netflix. Find the gems. The diamonds in the rough. And those golden hits. Like an old friend, we leave the decade behind us. But not without their memory. And as we reign in the year, remember them as testaments to our time well spent. Monoliths of our culture, from 2010 to 2020. Ten years of us all.

There you have it! The top ten most popular Netflix movies of 2019. A bit surprising, maybe some disappointment too. But this list includes some great movies and series that you should check out as soon as you can!

Happy New Year everybody! Do you agree with Netflix’s list? What would you have liked to see make the top ten? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @theHoneypop!

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