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All Time Low Panda Returns – Fans React to New Video

All Time Low Panda Returns – Fans React to New Video

If you’re still recovering from last night’s New Year’s Eve festivities, you might have missed the All Time Low video that set stan twitter on fire this morning. The mysterious All Time Low panda is back, and he’s left fans with lots of burning questions.

The All Time Low Panda as featured in the music video for 'Birthday'
Image Source: All Time Low, “Birthday”

The video, posted to the band account as well as each member’s account, features the familiar panda removing its costume head. He lights a match and watches the band’s Last Young Renegade era jackets burn in a steel drum. As he walks away from the burning jackets, we still cannot see his face. The video, captioned “panda_1120.mp4” has fans speculating the beginning of a new era while mourning the end of the previous one.

The All Time Low panda made his debut in the ‘Birthday’ music video, released in August of 2018. He was introduced to the fans as an unknown person, who kidnapped All Time Low, holding them hostage. Fans were left wondering who the mysterious panda figure was and it seems that we might finally get some answers.

Many fans took to twitter this morning to share their excitement and confusion, as well as their theories about what the video could mean.

A lot of fans are hoping that this means the band will finally release the studio version of ‘Getaway Green’. The band performed the song at the Slam Dunk festival in Leeds in May of 2019, surprising fans. While many lyric videos from that performance have gone up, we still don’t have a studio version of the song.

You can check out the ‘Getaway Green’ live performance here. How amazing would it be to get the studio version??

Fans are lamenting the loss of the Last Young Renegade era jackets as well. The burning of the jackets only lends to fan theories about what the video is teasing. Many people think that it is symbolizing the end of the LYR era while others feel that ‘Birthday’ is going to tie in with this new era somehow.

All Time Low took a hiatus during 2019, emerging only to play the Nothing Personal 10th Anniversary shows at the end of December. It truly was only a 2019 hiatus because it’s the first day of the new year and here they are, ready to jump back into things. They really know how to start the knew year off right. If the 1120 date on the video is to be believed, we could have our answers sooner than we think.

What do you think the video is teasing? Are you ready for a new era of All Time Low? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting us @thehoneypop.

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