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Welcome to “Behind the Band”

Welcome to “Behind the Band”

Behind the Band

Happy New Year and happy first article of 2020! We’re so excited to kick off this year with a brand new segment that began as only a tiny little dream many months ago.

Let us explain…

This is Behind the Band: a weekly segment that aims to give a face and voice to the people behind the musicians, giving our readers a different perspective of all the interworking parts of what it takes to make a band great. This segment was born after many shows and countless times of watching crew members go above and beyond for the band and the people in the crowd. It was born after a multitude of incredible interactions with managers and publicists as we began to build our home here at THP.

Behind the Band was born from every moment we, now as a tiny part of this whole music world, are able to look back on and realize just how much goes into the final show or video or music we consume as fans of any band or musician we love. It was born from watching fans give hours of their day to promote and encourage their favorites. So many people come together to create this ultimate experience and so many of those involved tend to go unrecognized or unnoticed.

Behind the Band
Behind the Band will feature a new interview every Wednesday!

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Bands create ripples, and we’re fascinated by them, but we know they cannot do it alone. So our aim is to break it down and recognize the hard work everyone else put into the final experience and brand of the music that surrounds us. So many unsung heroes create this wonderful world of music that we all interact with and benefit from on a daily basis. It’s truly why we’re all here because basically none of our favorite bands would exist in the same capacity they currently do without the team that backs them.

Team THP has spent the last several months working tirelessly to gather names, coordinate interviews, and piece together final articles in order to fully prepare for this launch. From lighting designers to merchandise managers, content creators to publicists, tour managers to publication owners, we have been in contact with over 100 people since this all began. We continue to reach out to new people every single day and the plan is for this segment to continue on, indefinitely.

Behind the Band
Do you know someone in the music industry who deserves more recognition?

Send us an email with the subject
“Behind the Band!”

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The response thus far is something none of us could have prepared for. It’s been phenomenal, even just in the beginning stages of recognizing all of these incredible people. We are so excited to introduce you to those who work behind the band and we hope you’ll join us in thanking them and praising them for all of their continuous hard work.

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Check back every Wednesday for a brand new exclusive interview with names and faces you may know, or maybe you won’t, but you’re sure to know the bands and musicians they work with.

Do you know someone in the industry who deserves recognition and you think would like to chat with us? You can email us at with the subject “Behind the Band” or send us a tweet @TheHoneyPop!

Interested in finding out more about what happens Behind the Band? You can check out our entire segment here!

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