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20 New Albums To Roll In The ’20s

20 New Albums To Roll In The ’20s

2019 has come and gone, while reflecting on the past twelve months we have to say it had been packed with incredible moments. However, we’re excited to see what 2020 has in store for us! This new year is looking to be a promising one for the music industry as many artists gear up to release music to signal the start of a new decade. There are tons of new albums coming our way, but we’ve compiled a small list of 20 new albums to roll in the ’20s.

Dua Lipa – Future Nostalgia

Image Source: Album Artwork as posted by Dua Lipa on Twitter

Future Nostalgia is the pop star’s sophomore album, and is set to be released some time in 2020. The vibe of her second album seems to be that of disco pop, and the lead single off the album is ‘Don’t Start Now’, which was released on November 1, 2019. A dance track is probably the perfect song to kickoff the album. So far, Dua has only confirmed the titles of two of the tracks, but we know that this album won’t disappoint!

5 Seconds Of Summer – To Be Announced

Image Source: as posted by 5sos on Twitter

The band’s fourth studio album, the title still unbeknownst to fans, has been in the works for a while now, and we are finally getting it! There is no set date on the release, but speculation is that we can expect an album sometime in the early months of 2020. The band has a scheduled UK and European tour for May and June of this year. With already released singles such as ‘Easier’ and ‘Teeth’, we have no doubt that this album is about to take over the music charts and the 5SOSFam’s hearts. The band’s new edgier era is about to soar them to new heights and finally get them some much-deserved recognition. If you’re interested in buying tickets for their tour just click here!

Halsey – Manic

Image Source: Album artwork as posted by Halsey on Twitter

Manic is Halsey’s third studio album and is set to be released January 17, 2020. The album features a 16 song lineup including her popular singles ‘Graveyard‘, ‘Without Me’, and ‘Finally//Beautiful Stranger‘. The pop star hasn’t released an album in two and a half years, but patience is a virtue, and we are getting ready to dive into possibly, her best album yet. We have no doubt that this album is going to be full of raw emotion, and showcase the amazing talent that is Halsey.

Niall Horan — To Be Announced

Image Source: @_CTierney / as posted on Niall’s Twitter

The title to this Irishman’s sophomore album has yet to be released, but we do know it is going to contain hit singles ‘Nice To Meet Ya‘ and ‘Put A Little Love On Me‘. The former One Direction member has really made a name for himself during his three-year solo career. Having won several awards from singles off his debut album Flicker, we are confident that this second album is going to do just as well, if not better than the first. Niall does not hold back when it comes to his songwriting, and that’s just the kind of realness the music industry needs more of.

Little Mix – To Be Announced

Image Source: Little Mix via Twitter

The girl group is set to release their sixth studio album in the new year. The album title has not been announced nor has a release date, but the first single ‘Bounce Back’ is set to be released June 14. The band has also announced a Summer 2020 Tour that starts June 26. I’m speculating the album to be released midsummer. Regardless of the release date, one thing is for certain, they are going to slay the charts. We have no doubt that the music the girls are bringing us in 2020 is nothing short of fierce and phenomenal.

Louis Tomlinson – Walls

Image Source: Posted by Louis on Twitter

This is it, it’s finally happening! Louis’ long-awaited debut album is finally within view. Walls is scheduled for release on January 31, and is set to have a 12 song track list including his singles ‘Kill My Mind’, ‘Two Of Us’, and ‘Don’t Let It Break Your Heart’. This album has been a long time coming, and we have been impatiently waiting for its arrival, we know Louis has taken the time to perfect every single song that he has put on the album. He even has a world tour set to kick off March 9. We predict he will be topping the charts in no time.

Selena Gomez – Rare

Image Source: Selena Gomez via Instagram

Rare is Selena’s third studio album as a solo artist, and it’s the first album she has released since her 2015 album Revival. The album has a 13 track song list including the emotional ballad ‘Lose You To Love Me‘, and the upbeat dance track ‘Look At Her Now.’ January 10 is the date the album is to be released, and that day can’t get here fast enough. Selenators have been waiting on new music from her for the past few years. If the two singles she has already dropped are any indication as to how the rest of the album is going to be, then we are in for a real treat!

BLACKPINK – To Be Announced

Image Source: Fanpop/leva0311

That’s right! The Korean Pop girl group is making a comeback in 2020. While an album hasn’t officially been announced, Blinks around the world are holding out hope that a full album will be arriving alongside the group’s return. The group was trending on Twitter along with “Full Album”, and fans are now anxiously waiting for any more news regarding their return.

BTS – To Be Announced

Image Source: Image as posted by BTS on Twitter (@BTS_twt)

Another comeback making its rounds in the KPOP community is none other than BTS. The group is rumored to be making their return in January or February, but their company has not yet confirmed it. Regardless, ARMYs will likely be getting an album at some point during the new year, and the boys have confirmed it will be one of their best albums yet. We have no doubt that it will be!

Justin Bieber – To Be Announced

Image Source: / Youtube

The long-awaited fifth studio album from the Prince of Pop is finally being set loose unto the world. Justin has confirmed the album will be released in 2020, and the pop singer has already confirmed a tour set to take place over the next year. The album title hasn’t been announced, but the first single off the latest album, ‘Yummy’, is scheduled for release on January 3. Beliebers are in for a wild ride this year, as the pop superstar steps out of the shadows and back into the spotlight.

Rihanna – To Be Announced

Image Source: Hekimian/Getty Images

Rihanna has been teasing the release of her 9th studio album for over a year. While she still has not given her Navy a release date, we are fully convinced it’s got to be released at some point in 2020. All the superstar has said in regards to the album is that it is very “reggae-inspired.” Rihanna hasn’t released an album since Anti was released in 2016. Hopefully, she won’t keep us all in suspense much longer and will drop the long-awaited masterpiece.

Green Day – Father Of All…

Image Source:

Father Of All… is the 13th studio album for the alternative rock band. The album is set to be a 10 track album, but only two of the song titles have been announced, ‘Father Of All…’ and ‘Fire, Ready, Aim’. Their scheduled release date is February 7, and if that isn’t exciting enough, the band is set to debut the new material on the Hella Mega Tour, where they will be accompanied by other rock legends, Weezer and Fall Out Boy. Talk about a dream come true!

Loona — #

Image Source: Creative

Confirmed, LOONA will be making their comeback in 2020! The exact release date is unconfirmed, but the lead single from the album 365, was released back in December. We already know that these girls are going to bring their A-game when it comes to their new music. We just hope that they don’t keep their fans in suspense for too long.

Bebe Rexha – To Be Announced

Image Source: Images

The pop star’s sophomore album is on its way! Bebe hasn’t confirmed actual release date, but it’s definitely coming. The singer has also speculated to some other big things heading our way in the upcoming year … a tour perhaps? Whatever lies ahead, I am ecstatic to be getting even more new music from such an icon. Look out Rexhars, this is Bebe’s year!

Miley Cyrus – She Is Miley Cyrus

Image Source: Magazine

The seventh studio album of pop star Miley Cyrus had an original release date for 2019. For whatever reason, it was set back a year. We can only hope that she won’t keep it to herself too long into this new year, and will drop it early. The album has an 18 track lineup including singles, ‘Mother’s Daughter’ and ‘Slide Away.’ She is coming in hot with this new album, and we’re sure she won’t disappoint.

See Also

The 1975 – Notes On A Conditional Form

Image Source:

The alternative indie music group is set to release their fourth studio album on February 21. It’s rumored to be a 22 track album though this is unconfirmed. The first official single for this album was released to fans on July 24, 2019, and was titled The 1975. The band released two other singles in the few months following the first single’s release, ‘People’ and ‘Frail State Of Mind’. Every album the band has put out has been nothing short of exceptional, and we expect nothing less from this fourth record.

Normani – To Be Announced

Image Source: posted by Normani on Twitter

This pop star’s debut solo album has been in the works for a while. She released the lead single ‘Motivation’ off the album back in August, and it topped the charts at number 33 on the Billboard Hot 100. We expect the album to be a mix of R&B and Pop, which is typical of Normani’s style. The solo newbie has already shown that she has what it takes to stand among the rankings of other pop icons, and we are beyond here for it.

Lauren Jauregui – To Be Announced

Image Source: Pfluger

Lauren’s debut solo album is set to be released sometime in 2020. The ‘Expectations’ singer hasn’t confirmed a date, but she has made it known that the album will “likely” release this year. That’s good enough for us! Now, we can hold out hope for new music from the pop star. She hasn’t released any singles from the album yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised if she dropped one at any moment. Well, Lauren, we are here for it whenever you’re ready!

Monsta X – All About Luv

Image Source: posted via Monsta X on Twitter

2020 is THE year for KPOP. Monsta X is releasing their 9th album on Valentine’s Day (February 14). Not only is this album their first all English album, but they are also the first KPOP group ever to put out an album entirely in English! The album will feature 11 tracks including the lead single ‘Middle Of The Night’, which dropped on December 6. The album is reportedly still going to feature the vocals of Wonho, as it should. It’s never too early to celebrate so Happy Valentine’s Day, Monbebe!

SHINee – To Be Announced

Image Source:

Okay, okay, while nothing has been confirmed for the KPOP group’s return, Taemin may have let it slip that they were possibly coming back this year. While we wouldn’t go saving up for a tour, let’s keep our fingers crossed and the hope alive for the return of one of the most iconic KPOP bands in the industry. Who knows, maybe they’ll drop a new single right into our laps when we’re least expecting it.

Do you agree with our list? Which album are you most excited to release? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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  • I am beyond excited for Monsta X’s new album! Their Korean music is the bomb, and I am so excited for an album from them in English. I will always listen to whatever they put out, but English will make it easier for me to learn the lyrics.

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