Hayley Williams Releasing Music this Year!

Hayley Williams Releasing Music this Year!
Hayley Williams releasing music that is solo this year
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The last time we talked about Hayley Williams was when we celebrated National Emo Day in raucous occasion. No surprise there, it was about the entirety of Paramore. But in a recent Twitter surprise, Hayley Williams announced via a tweet thanking fans for any and all birthday wishes that she will release new music this year, and this time she gets to call it her own.

Fans’ Reactions

Fans took to Twitter to express their overjoyed excitement for Hayley’s upcoming music this new year (and decade! Check out our stories about what we’re looking forward to in 2020.) Happy New Year indeed. For these fans, Hayley’s music can’t get here soon enough:

Excitement gushed, but whispers circulated questioning Paramount’s foundation. Fans became concerned Hayley’s new solo music might spell doom for the band as a whole:

Paramore’s Future

Remain calm! No need to worry just yet, Paramore fans. As far as we know, Hayley’s new solo project does not mean there’s a split in the band. Recently Paramore’s Twitter account posted a happy holidays picture.

All fabulous heads accounted for! Nothing but love for each other and their written words, “still so much more to go!” ought to put fans’ minds at ease. Take a breather everyone! And get excited for Paramore’s future, especially with Hayley coming back.

This hasn’t stopped some fans from itching for a new Paramore release. Rightfully so considering their last album released in 2017. Despite this, we all know Hayley’s new solo project is going to be amazing! And we’re not the only ones excited to see Williams explore her own sound and creativity.

In other words, it’s safe to say it’ll be some time before the band releases a new album. For now, we’ll just have to stream Paramore‘s oldest hits and prepare ourselves for the amazing Hayley Williams and her solo project. Her new sound should excite. And above all, her talent takes center stage!

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To Learn More About Hayley Williams and Paramore:

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