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It’s “Nothing Personal” After 10 Years for All Time Low

It’s “Nothing Personal” After 10 Years for All Time Low

All Time Low ended the decade, and their 2019 hiatus, with a bang. They performed 8 shows between LA, New Jersey, and Chicago to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Nothing Personal. Nothing Personal, the band’s third studio album, released back in 2009. All Time Low was there to celebrate it in 2019.

Frontman Alex Gaskarth has previously said that All Time Low doesn’t see itself as a “nostalgia band,” dwelling on one record or era. Despite this claim, the band took the stage in December of 2019 to play the entirety of Nothing Personal, not once, but 8 times at 8 shows.

Alex Gaskarth at the 10th Anniversary Show in Los Angeles
Image Source: Aman Shamim

If you missed out on the shows, don’t worry, we have a quick recap for you right here! Here’s some things that happened during (and before) the shows.

The band got everyone hyped by re-recording the album and releasing a documentary

As if announcing an anniversary tour wasn’t enough to stoke everyone’s nostalgia, All Time Low also recorded a documentary about the album. It featured the band reflecting on the record and performing the songs again in-between reflections. In case that wasn’t emotional enough, Straight to DVD clips played too. STD was the live concert and documentary released after Nothing Personal.

A pop-punk DJ opened the show

Imagine you’re at a club or a rave with a DJ. Now, imagine that DJ is playing exclusively pop-punk songs. All Time Low had DJ Fish open for them in LA and he did not disappoint with the song choices. From ‘Secrets’ by State Champs to ‘Ocean Avenue’ by Yellowcard, it was like a rave right out of our pop-punk dreams.

All Time Low played a half set after playing the whole album

Not only did the band play Nothing Personal in its entirety, but they also performed some of their other songs as well. Each anniversary show featured a half set of different songs. Some notable songs on the list were ‘Six Feet Under the Stars’ and ‘Jasey Rae.’ Of course, every set ended with ‘Dear Maria, Count Me In,’ or as we like to call it, All Time Low’s favorite show closer.

Video Source: Aman Shamim

‘Walls’ was performed live for the first time

Getting a live performance of the entire album means we got to hear ‘Walls’ played live for the first time.

More than hearing the song, fans wanted to hear a now 32 year old Alex Gaskarth sing “I was young and horny.” He avoided the line during show one in LA, instead opting to have the crowd sing it back to him. As the shows continued, however, he finally caved and sang the line, much to everyone’s delight.

They played ‘Jasey Rae’ and broke the pit in NJ

‘Jasey Rae’ is a fan favorite from the band for sure. After many instances of the crowd chanting for the song, the band finally relented, playing it during the second night in New Jersey. Following this decision came the collapse of the pit along with Alex forgetting the words to the bridge. Don’t worry y’all, we understand the hype.

The incident quickly became a meme on Twitter, as one of the more memorable things that happened during that show.

Last but not least, here are some of the other fun/funny things that deserve an honorable mention:

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1. Alex having the crowd singing happy birthday to his wife and to drummer Rian Dawson
2. Alex messing up cities in ‘Hello Brooklyn.’ Consistently.
3. The band’s old tour manager Matt Flyzik making an onstage appearance

So there you have it, a recap of the anniversary shows. Did you attend? Do you wish you attended after reading about it? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Aman Shamim

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