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‘3rd of Jan’ Music Video – Lola Young’s New Year Debut

‘3rd of Jan’ Music Video – Lola Young’s New Year Debut

We’re three days into 2020 and the new year is all about new beginnings for a lot of people. For upcoming artist Lola Young, her new year is starting off with the release of the ‘3rd of Jan’ music video. The video dropped on the 3rd of January, too — talk about a timely release.

‘3rd of Jan’ is the creative brainchild by Lola Young and produced by Two Inch Punch. Hint: He’s the producer behind some of your favorite artists like Sam Smith and Rex Orange County. However, this is not Lola’s first time writing music. Lola has a gift for songwriting and has been writing music since she was 11 years old. Talk about talent!

'3rd of Jan' music video by Lola Young just dropped
Image Source: Francis Plummer

The ‘3rd of Jan’ music video features Lola Young alone in her dressing room. She is getting ready for her performance while dancing and singing along to the song as she does her makeup. The carefree, casual vibe of the music video matches the laid-back vibe of the track itself but is a nice contrast to the perhaps not as carefree lyrics.

Young explains, “I wrote this song the day before my birthday. It is a song about many things all in one, and about being ‘too much for anyone.’ I think this video is a raw, honest interpretation of how I act and how I am before I get ready to perform.” Seems like Lola gives us a glimpse into her pre-performance world with this video.

You can watch the video here:

The lyrics of ‘3rd of Jan’ do a phenomenal job of showcasing Lola’s penchant for writing songs that encapsulate powerful emotions. Many of us have likely experienced the feeling of being “too much for anyone” and can relate to what Lola is singing.

The ‘3rd of Jan’ music video is not all Lola Young has to offer. The rising 18-year old star’s EP Intro features not only ‘3rd of Jan’ but other tracks like ‘Blind Love’ and ‘6 Feet Under.’ If you can’t get enough of Lola after this video, check out the EP!

What are your thoughts on the video? Are you excited for more from Lola Young? Let us know im the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop.  

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Featured Image Source: Francis Plummer

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