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What We Know About Freeform’s ‘Party of Five’

What We Know About Freeform’s ‘Party of Five’

Even though we’re in a new decade, it’s still the age of reboots. The lastest 90s show to get a reboot is Party of Five. The reboot has found itself a new home on the Disney-owned cable channel Freeform and will stray from the original premise ever so slightly.

Party of Five is set to premiere on January 8th on Freeform which is only a few days away! While the premiere is sure to be full of surprises, there are a few things we already know about the show. Do you want to hear them? Good, then keep reading!

1. Freeform’s Party of Five Will Have an Updated Plot

Image Source: NY Times

The original series centered on five siblings who were left to raise themselves after their parents died in a car crash. While that premise could have worked with today’s audiences, the creative team behind the reboot felt that the show needed to be culturally relevant to the times we’re living in now. Thus, the Party of Five reboot will focus on five siblings who are forced to raise each other after their parents are deported. Since the parents are deported instead of deceased, it also means that they will play some kind of role in the series unlike the original.

It’s a sad but true reality many children have been forced to deal with. It will be interesting to see how the show juggles the fiction of the series with the realness of the story they’re telling.

2. The Cast is Talented and Diverse

Image Source: Freeform

The reboot has gathered an amazingly talented cast that is certain to win over our hearts! Not only are they talented but they’re also all Latinx! Bring on the representation!

Brandon Larracuente plays Emilio Acosta, the eldest brother of the Acosta’s family. You might remember Larracuente from his role as Jeff Atkins on Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why. We’re so excited to see Larracuente back on our TVs!

Next up is Emily Toasta who plays the eldest daughter, Lucia Acosta. Toasta has acted in several Latin shows and is most recently known for her appearance in Mayans M.C.

Niko Guardado portrays the role of Beto Acosta. You might recognize him from ABC’s popular shows The Goldbergs and Schooled where he plays high school student Rubén Amaro Jr. Trust us, he’s a great actor!

Elle Paris Legaspi rounds out the Acosta daughters as Valentina. Legaspi has guest-starred in several shows and we’re so excited to see her tackle her first main character role in a television show!

Of course, rounding out the Acosta children is Rafael, the Acosta’s infant brother. Who knows maybe Rafael will be the actor’s biggest role ever!

3. The Personalities of the Acosta Children are Similar to the Original Characters

Image Source: NY Post
Columbia Pictures/Everett Collection; Nino Munoz/Freeform

Even though the plot has changed, the writers wanted to make sure that Party of Five still felt like Party of Five. One they did this was by using the original characters as a blueprint when crafting the rebooted siblings.

Fans of the original series will be happy to know that the eldest son still isn’t family-oriented and doesn’t want to be in charge of his siblings. The eldest daughter still doesn’t have maternal instincts which is a problem given she’s going to have to help with her siblings. And the middle son is still failing at school but has an amazing sense of parental instincts when it comes to taking care of his sister and brother.

4. The Cast Feel Personally Connected With The Story

Image Source: NY Post
Gilles Mingasson/Freeform

While the actors who play the Acosta children haven’t experienced deportation in their real lives, they all feel connected to the story Party of Five is telling in some way.

Brandon Larracuente told the New York Post that he educated himself on the immigration experience when he signed on for the show because he wanted to do the story justice. He also knows that not all immigration stories are the same. In his case, his grandparents immigrated from Puerto Rico, a US territory, and thus didn’t face the discrimination and hardships that other immigrants have to deal with.

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Emily Toasta also feels personally connected to the series. She told Page Six that she moved to the United States from the Dominican Republic when she was 12 years old. Toasta and her mother didn’t know English and had no legal status when they arrived in the US but were able to make a life for themselves in the US.

Like Larracuente, Toasta also pointed out that she did a lot of research when she booked the role — and she continues to research. Toasta said that the cast and crew are “constantly sending each other news articles about the horrific things that are happening in the world right now with families being separated and all the things happening in this country with the current, very flawed immigration system. We try to talk to families, we try to read the news and stay educated and informed as much as possible.”

5. The First Episode is Streaming Now on Hulu and the Freeform APP

Image Source: Nolwen Cifuentes for The New York Times

Yep! You read that right, the first episode of Party of Five is available right now on Hulu and the Freeform App. So if you can’t wait until January 8th you’re in luck. Even if you do watch the first episode on Hulu make sure you still tune into Freefrom on the 8th because they will be airing the first and second episodes of the series.

Still not sure if this is a show you want to watch? Check out the trailer. We’re certain that will convince you! And don’t forget to tune in to Freeform on January 8th.

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