Quiz: Can You Guess The Justin Bieber Song From One Lyric?

Quiz: Can You Guess The Justin Bieber Song From One Lyric?

‘All Around The World’ people are ‘Catching Feelings’ for the new era of Bieber, which kicked off on January 3. The Bieb’s released the single ‘Yummy’, the title track for his new album, and fans can’t get enough. The single jumped to No.1 on the iTunes charts in less then 12 hours of it being released. Justin has been on the music scene since 2007, but his first single wasn’t released until 2009. That’s over a decade’s worth of music! We thought we could reminisce on Bieber of the past (and present) to test your JB song knowledge! Let us ‘Take You’ down a nostalgic rabbit hole because we want to know, can you guess the Justin Bieber song from one lyric?

This quiz is full of songs from all throughout his career! From his earliest hit ‘One Time’ to his newest release ‘Yummy’, do you think you have the knowledge to guess them all? Take our quiz and find out!

So Beliebers, what was your result? Did you guess them all or do you have some refreshing to do? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!!

Desperate for more on the Biebs? We gotchu bb.

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Featured Image source: Justin Bieber via Twitter

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