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Ateez Comeback with ‘Answer’ and We Can’t Stop Screaming About it!

Ateez Comeback with ‘Answer’ and We Can’t Stop Screaming About it!

ATEEZ just dropped their new comeback, ‘Answer’, apparently finishing off their Treasure story line and finally giving ATINY some answers. Or did they? Either way, the dramatic set up just gave us goosebumps and we’re here for it!


Image source: KQ Entertainment

On January 6th, Ateez released their new mini album – Treasure Epilogue: Action to Answer – along with their title track and respective MV, ‘Answer’. The Treasure series has been building a narrative since the group’s debut which includes pirates, dreams and a battle with their within evil personas. Atinity have been theorizing about the story line since the release of Treasure EP.1: All To Zero, but Ateez have been throwing us off continuously with plot twists. ‘Answer’ seems to not be further from that, with a very ambiguous ending on the MV. These series have been so meticulously prepared, with so much detail, that we can’t stop praising the hard work and planning behind the whole ordeal. Treasure series goes back to 2018 and Ateez seem to be ready to finish it off on a high note in 2020. It’s true that this “series” theme has been common around K-Pop, but almost no one’s doing it like Ateez!

Action To Answer

Image Source: The Honey Pop / KQ Entertainment

Aside from our thumbing hearts while watching our dear boys fight themselves, Action to Answer is a masterpiece. From the title track to the finale ‘Precious’ – which is finally revealed to be the ending beat for “Say My Name” MV – the mini album is a mix of powerful beats and soft melodies. The combination may sound weird, but it proves the group’s versatility and, once more, talent. And let’s not mention more details – why does ‘Precious’ end with the beginning of ‘Treasure’?! Is this the end of the circle, like a return to the beginning? So many questions!

‘Answer’, on its own, is a spontaneous highlight that culminates everything they’ve been doing so far. The song keeps their specific aesthetic that mixes melodic vocals with their under EDM beats. It’s something I’ve personally always loved about the group, their good balance – it’s a qualified strong song, but not a weirdly-loud kind of strong. The new softness in the beginning and the slower bridge building seem a new element, but still gracious and welcome nonetheless. Its compensated by the remaining energy through the track. The finale is just a climax of these boys talent. I cannot stop feeling the chills with Jongho’s voice, but maybe that’s a story for another time.

The MV

From beginning to end, we get slapped by Ateez being the visuals of the visuals. Could we ask a better way to start the year? From San’s dramatic over the table entry (got it?), to wanting to rescue Mingi from his tiny boat, ‘Answers’ MV just puts my feelings in a roller coaster and sets them free. We could say, some details could have been better, such as the choreography focus. But other than that, the settings and the energy are very well accomplished. That is, if their intention was to give us multiple heart attacks all along, of course.

Ateez have been taking the industry by storm, escalating their success with each step. They have over the top vocals, super choreographies and powerful rappers, which completes the recipe for an addictive boy group. The boys have been also praised for their charismatic stage presence, their professionalism and humbleness. The finale for Treasure seems, once again, a star ending set up with hints for a cliff hanger. Are Ateez preparing more? After last year’s success and everything they have been accomplishing, I think we can only go up from here.

 What else do you need to stan them?

So, what did you think? Are you ATINY yet? Scream with us in the comments below or by tweeting us over @TheHoneyPOP!

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