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Jack Antanoff’s Bleachers Confirm New Album in 2020

Jack Antanoff’s Bleachers Confirm New Album in 2020

You may be familiar with artist Jack Antonoff from his essential role in the band Fun, or possibly through his other bands, Steel Train or Red Hearse. Maybe you know him as a producer. Working with big names like T.Swift, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Lana Del Ray. But what you’re about to get educated on is his best project to date (in our opinion anyway). Working solo in the studio to record what is known as Bleachers, Jack Antonoff performs live with a full band. Included in the live lineup is Evan Smith (Keyboards, synthesizers, sax, vocals), Mikey Hart (bass, guitar, keyboard, synthesizers, piano, vocals), Sean Hutchinson (drums, sampling pad, synthesizers, backing vocals), and Mike Riddleberger (drums, sampling pad, backing vocals).

Live Performance Bleachers
Photo via Bleachers Official Facebook

Antonoff left this side project a big secret. He noted that the project almost turned into sort of an “alter-ego” for him. An alter-ego we are all about. Antonoff decided to keep this killer project on the DL until the single release of “I Wanna Get Better” in February of 2014. While we’re upset he kept something from us, we understand considering we would have never been able to wait it out. Along with the song was the launch of Bleachers’ internet presence. As they came to life via social media, official websites, and even by announcing some tour dates.

Bleachers Deliver Dancey-Lyrically-Packed Explosions

On June 10, 2015, Bleachers released their debut album Strange Desires via RCA Records. Song ‘Roller Coaster’ rocks our world with its dancey-lyrically-packed explosion. Some of us might find that one familiar as it’s featured at a pivotal scene on Thirteen Reasons Why (another favorite of ours).

Their second album, Gone Now, released in June of 2017. We can’t help but think a pattern of summer releases was no accident. Song “Don’t Take the Money” was such a sunny anthem that it landed at number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. Again, no surprise to us considering the uniqueness of the song.

Jack Antanoff of Bleachers Portrait
Photo via Bleachers Official Facebook

With hard-hitting lyrics about depression, love, and life makes them not only entirely relatable but also the perfect songs to scream sing with your friends while you drive blissfully down the highway with the summer air warming your face.

Love at first listen, this indie-pop style is something we can’t seem to get enough of, ever. Luckily for us, we might be in for new music sooner than we think! In September, Bleachers’ Instagram teased us as they made their way back into the studio. More importantly, Jack Antanoff confirmed it himself yesterday via twitter.

We couldn’t be more excited if we tried.

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Stay tuned for all things Bleachers, as we will keep you posted on any new updates!

Bleachers Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Website

Header Image: Bleachers Facebook

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