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SF9 Comeback With ‘Good Guy’ And Remind Us Why We Stanned In the First Place

SF9 Comeback With ‘Good Guy’ And Remind Us Why We Stanned In the First Place

SF9 has made an early release for their upcoming album, with the MV and title track ‘Good Guy‘. After a few listens – and maybe a little bit too many repetitions of the MV – here are our thoughts on SF9’s comeback ‘Good Guy,’ the song and concept.

‘Good Guy’

Emerging from their more quirky period, SF9 seems to have settled for a more mature and elegant route for their concepts. We have to say, the boys managed to surprise us as they have transitioned to this route effortlessly. You should take some time out of your day and let yourself get swayed by the group’s charms.

SF9 hit the mark with this song – maybe catching our hearts along the way – and ‘Good Guy’ will reside in our playlists for some time. The deep house sub-genre under the quirky pop sound seems to be a trend in K-Pop lately. So, we can say it’s nothing new. However, at the same time, SF9’s new single is quite refreshing. It’s not over the top, but it’s strong in its delivery and if there’s something we enjoy, it is music that makes us excited for what’s to follow. The song erupts in an infectiously catchy chorus that will have you wanting to bop along! Vocally and rap wise, SF9 is indeed talented and slay in this track. The raps are curt but with an excellent flow, and with one high note on the bridge, they seal the song simply but effectively.


Image Source: The Honey Pop / FNCEnt

The concept is a good opportunity for members to reveal their charms, – both visually and artistically. Image wise it has some sort of elegant / classy deal to it, quite homonymous to other group’s recent releases. We’re not complaining though – we’re guilty of enjoying this rich classy guy concept all too much.

As usual, their choreography seems to be on point, – seriously these boys can dance – and the MV set up of them dancing in the golden rings is quite pleasing. We already can’t wait for a dance practice and further promotions.

First Collection

Image Source: The Honey Pop / FNCEnt

Now, ‘Good Guy’ is actually a pre-release. The full length album entitled First Collection won’t be released until January 7th. The title track, though, seems to be a good start.

Full length albums are a big deal for groups in South Korea, so we can imagine the amount of work and dedication SF9 have put into the project. Make sure to check it out once it’s out! From the highlights medley we must admit, however, Shh caught our curiosity, but we’ll have to wait and see.

So, what did you think? Did you check out ‘Good Guy’ and decide to join us in ulting nine ‘Good Guy’s? Are you hooked on the single just like us? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us over @TheHoneyPOP!

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Words and Featured Image by Rita Louren

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