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YG Entertainment announces new plans for TREASURE

YG Entertainment announces new plans for TREASURE

Changing their previous report from February 2019, YG Entertainment has released new information with plans for their upcoming boy group TREASURE.

TREASURE is set to debut as a 12 member group

On January 6th, YG Entertainment released a statement explaining there’s a change of plans regarding the debut of the new group. The letter mentions the new formation, explaining how they came to be selected as a 13 member group. However, this reality has changed with Ha Yoonbin stepping away from the group.

It became one of the highlights for the announcement and the most visible change. Ha Yoonbin was reported to terminate his exclusive contract on December 31, 2019. The company proceeded to explain that Yoonbin will be pursuing a different musical direction from the group and, therefore, decided to leave.

Ha Yoonbin expressed that the aim of his musical direction seems closer to that of a solo artist rather than team activities(…)

YG Entertainment

Self-produced group

On another note, YG reveals they cancelled their plans on ruling out members’ creative participation. Unlike what is usual and was hinted before, TREASURE members will be given the opportunity to actively participate in producing and composing their own songs. The company reports that members have been working on producing for the past few months. Following the evaluation of their skills, the company concludes that giving them creative freedom might be “a good opportunity for TREASURE to shine more brightly in the future.”

YG also released TREASURE’s new social media, along with a new picture of the group and the caption “#TREASURE NEW START”

The original statement was released through YG Entertainment’s official blog, YG LIFE, where the official translation of the letter can also be found.

Treasure Makers

Fans around the globe seem divided between their own feelings. With both sadness as well as excitement for the group’s debut, Treasure Makers’ hearts seem to have a hard time.


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