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BTS’ Map Of The Soul: 7 Interlude: Shadow Comeback Trailer: SUGA drops a bop on us and we weren’t ready!

BTS’ Map Of The Soul: 7 Interlude: Shadow Comeback Trailer: SUGA drops a bop on us and we weren’t ready!

BTS just released the first Trailer for MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 with “Interlude: Shadow”. There are no words to describe it. SUGA’s talent for making good music is unmatched! We weren’t ready for this!

MV & Song

BTS’s rapper shares his fears and goals through amazing lyrics that give you the chills through the whole song. Combined with his amazing voice, SUGA’s interlude, which speaks of his shadow, swallows you in emotion and cruel truth of loneliness in the spotlight.

The video is divided into two sections. The first section shows SUGA trying to escape the hands – of his fears perhaps. Whereas the second section takes a more scary turn, showing the rapper on top of a stage, being recorded by multiple phones and cameras. In the end, he disappears in the crowd. The song follows the flow of the video with a calm beginning, bending into an R&B laid back tone, and progressively changes until it develops into a more upbeat Hip Hop sound.

I run but the shadow follows
As dark as the light’s intense
I’m afraid, flying high is terrifying
No one told me
How lonely it is up here

– Suga, Interlude:Shadow

In the end, “Interlude: Shadow” shows us just how SUGA can do it all. He not only shows at least 3 different rapping styles but also sings through the song. He does this on top of showcasing all his amazing skills as a producer and composer.

SUGA effect & ARMY

Image Source: The Honey Pop / BigHit Entertainment

On a personal note, it’s about the 20th time I’m watching and listening to the track. It took me at least one whole hour to calm down before I keyboard smashed this article away. BTS members often have that effect on us. They just draw you in and make you addicted. BTS makes you relate to their songs to the point your heart wants to just combust.

“Interlude: Shadow” is not far from record-breaking, not that that differs from BTS’s music in the past. The video has accumulated over 1M likes on YouTube within just 30 Minutes, surpassing 2M likes in around 2 Hours. There are, at least, 10 tags that trended worldwide in social media platforms.

Fans around the world are either freaking out or putting their brains to work to find all the connections with other BTS music videos and intros – since BigHit is well known for their artist’s well-connected concepts and narratives.

Check out some of these ARMY’s tweets and theories below!

Looking for BTS? Here’s your light!

K-Pop fanatic? We have a sweet for you!

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Featured Image source: BigHit Entertainment

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