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Griselda Releases The Music Video For ‘Dr Birds’ Directed By Hype Williams

Griselda Releases The Music Video For ‘Dr Birds’ Directed By Hype Williams

In October of 2019, Griselda released one of their firsts songs off of their upcoming album What Would Chine Do? If you aren’t familiar with Griselda, let us introduce you! 

Griselda Records is a record label based out of Buffalo, New York. The label founded by brothers and talented rap artists Westside Gunn and Conway in 2014. In 2016, the label signed another rapper named Benny the Butcher.

Dr. Birds is a hard-hitting song from the first few notes. Each rapper takes their turn dishing out their competitive lyrics. While the lyrics flow they are nothing less than intense and heavy with violence.

Conway’s verse comes in with multiple warnings and ends with a threat. He raps “Hide the body for a week and it’s gon leave a stench… Rappers comin’ to my city they gon’ need consent.”

With such an intense take on a song, it would only make sense to bring a powerful music video to life. With that being said it seems like there is only one person right for the job. Hype Williams. If his name sounds familiar that’s because it should. He has created music videos for artists such as Biggie Smalls, 2PAc, Missy Elliott, and Busta Rhymes.

Hype Williams has more or less figured out the visual presentation of rap music in the ’90s and has clearly kept up his amazing work into the more present decades! The music video stars the three rappers in black-and-white against a plain white background. We also get kaleidoscopic swirls of fluorescent-colored guns. Although it may sound ridiculous, admittly, we have never seen anything quite this unique.

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Featured Image Source: Song Artwork Courtesy Interscope Records

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