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Louis Tomlinson Reveals the Setlist For His Album ‘Walls’ Through a Live Stream of a Mural Painting!

Louis Tomlinson Reveals the Setlist For His Album ‘Walls’ Through a Live Stream of a Mural Painting!

Louis Tomlinson

WHAT A MORNING. Following the announcement from Louis Tomlinson yesterday to tune into a live-stream at 8AM GMT, Louies across the world set their alarms – with some as early as 3AM – to see what the mystery stream was all about, and boy were we in for a rollercoaster of a time.

The stream started out with a sketch of Louis on a wall somewhere in London. Fans were curious as to what could be going on, but some multi-stans were met with flashbacks as they recalled a similar set up back in 2015 for 5 Seconds of Summer‘s announcement for their single ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ in which fans spent two hours watching an artist recreate the single’s artwork. Could this be the case for Louis?

Louis Tomlinson Walls
Image Source: Louis Tomlinson via YouTube

As time went on, more and more of the mural came together, with an artist bringing the sketch to life. It wasn’t too long before local Louies in London had clocked where the location was and went down to see the artist in action.

Louis Tomlinson Walls
Image Source: Louis Tomlinson via YouTube

While waiting for more clues as to what this could possibly be all about, fans started to speculate – perhaps artwork for the upcoming single that Louis recently tweeted about?

As hours went by, dedicated fans around the world were glued to their screens, eager to see what was going on and not prepared to risk any crucial information. Of course, painting a mural isn’t something that takes minutes, so fans were left waiting in anticipation for hours as the art slowly came to life. But it’s okay because they had the general public of London passing by to keep them entertained.

Finally, around midday UK time, it all made sense: it was the reveal of the album’s tracklisting! With just under 3 weeks to go for the release of Walls, this was the perfect time to let fans know what they could expect from the album – and what better way than to reveal it on a wall?!

Louis Tomlinson Walls
Image Source: Louis Tomlinson via YouTube

As the song titles slowly began to appear on the wall, Louis tweeted out sending his fans on a mission.

Something that was really special is that a lot of the locations were places that linked back to Louis – such as Doncaster and where the ‘We Made It’ music video was filmed. He really thought of everything!

The race was on – who was going to reveal the tracklisting first: Louies or the artist? It was pretty neck and neck for a good while, but the fans made it to the finish line, revealing the tracklist just before it was painted on the wall.

Amidst the whole paraphernalia, Tommo himself turned up to see his portrait up close!

After a long 5 hours, fans rejoiced as the mural was complete and the tracklist was revealed! All in a day’s work, eh?

The full tracklist is as follows:

See Also

1. Kill My Mind
2. Don’t Let It Break Your Heart
3. Two Of Us
4. We Made It
5. Too Young
6. Walls

7. Habit
8. Always You
9. Fearless
10. Perfect Now
11. Defenseless
12. Only The Brave

If you’re an eagle-eyed fan you might have noticed something about the tracklist… it contains 28 words, AKA Louis’s lucky number! He really is a genius.

We are SO hyped for the album! And if today didn’t prove that we’re all whipped for Louis Tomlinson, then we don’t know what will. There’s not many artists we’ll watch paint dry for, y’know.

Louis Tomlinson
Featured Image Source: GIPHY

Louis Tomlinson’s debut album Walls is out January 31st and you can pre-order it here

Did you watch the entire live-stream? Which song are you claiming from the tracklist? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Lusting over Louis? We gotchu bb

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Featured Image Source: Louis Tomlinson via Twitter

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