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EDEN Is Back With A Mesmerizing Bop!

EDEN Is Back With A Mesmerizing Bop!

EDEN is back with another inspirational, melodically beautiful track in the form of ‘Isohel’ and we’re here to tell you why you should check it out!

In the accompanying video, EDEN hitches a ride from a pick-up truck and takes us on a journey through a muted purple and gold-hued countryside. A journey where his vocals are displayed exquisitely and prove the singer’s raw talent, it is both emotional and entrancing.

The guitar work is nothing short of mind-blowing and compelling and this song is pure bliss to anyone’s ears.

Image Source: Kevin Young

“Isohels are lines on a weather map that connect all the areas that receive equal sunlight,” EDEN explains. “Light and sunlight have been an odd obsession for me since I was a teenager; I’ve always felt like I was moving toward some unreachable horizon. The song ‘Isohel’ is about wishing the best for the people you’ve left behind but knowing that you’re probably better off where you are now.”

‘Isohel’ is the fourth song to come from the upcoming sophomore album No Future which is set for release on February 14, 2020.

Image Source: Kevin Young

On this album, EDEN (Dublin-bred artist Jonathon NG) takes an outward perspective on the looming threat of the climate crisis. A subject that is familiar in much of his songwriting. While the songs regularly return to themes of finality and loss. No Future unfolds with an unlikely charm and shine that makes for a truly unique and wonderful listening experience. 

As with all EDEN’s music, the album was recorded and self-produced in his home studio in Dublin.

You can stream ‘Isohel’ on various platforms here!

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