John Legend Is Having ‘Conversations in the Dark’ And We’re So Heart Eyes

John Legend Is Having ‘Conversations in the Dark’ And We’re So Heart Eyes

John Legend has released a song titled ‘Conversation in the Dark’ to be featured on the TV show This is Us.

The lyrics make us all want a songwriting spouse. It’s like all the confessions and promises we want to hear in a love letter. Add in John Legend’s velvety vocals, and it’s a serenade we’re here for. We can only imagine the first time he sang this ballad to his wife. Just that thought has us in tears.

The talents behind the lyrics include John Legend himself, Gregg Wattenberg, Jesse Fink, Kellen Pomeranz, and Chance Peña.

John Legend's Youtube profile includes 'Conversations in the Dark'
Image Source: As posted on John Legend’s Youtube page

John Legend had released the song just in time for his appearance on This is Us where it will be featured. This is Us already tears at our hearts, but with this song on the tracklist, how are we not going to cry?

We think this song is the song. You know? It is the one that will be played at all the weddings. It’s that loving. The promises that are in the song completely and utterly capture that feeling of unconditional love. Just like Chrissy Teigen and John. We’re not crying you are.

The last music we heard of Legend was in November when he released the deluxe version of A Legendary Christmas. He is rumored to have an album out soon and we absolutely cannot wait.

John Legend Nbc GIF by The Voice - Find & Share on GIPHY
Image Source: Giphy

But now we have to ask, Mr. Legend are we getting the music video?

Stream the song here and let us know what you think by commenting below or tweeting us over at TheHoneyPop.

Click here to read more about John Legend.

Find out more about John Legend here:

Featured Image Source: A still from John Legend’s audio video from Youtube

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