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It Has Been 25 Years Of The Foo Fighters & We’re Here To Share Our Fave Iconic Moments!

It Has Been 25 Years Of The Foo Fighters & We’re Here To Share Our Fave Iconic Moments!

It’s safe to say that in music, ever so often a band comes along that makes a huge impact and manages to stand the test of time. The Foo Fighters are one of those bands.

Dave Grohl, who founded Foo Fighters, was also part of the incredible band Nirvana before its devastating end. That means that amazingly, he can say he has been a part of two of the biggest rock bands in recent music history. Arguably you could add Queens Of The Stone Age as a third band into the mix of successful projects the musician has also been a part of. 

Today, however, we are here to celebrate 25 years of the Foo Fighters and thrive in the fact that we will hopefully have many, many more!


We have picked a few of our stand out moments from over the years, so reminisce with us and let us know if you agree!

Remembering when they told us to ‘Learn To Fly’

This video will always be memorable for its comical moments and the song became an anthem for many at the same time. Looking back now, it is still as brilliant and fun as it was at first watch with cameos from the likes of Tenacious D

Performing with Rock Legends, QUEEN!

This has happened more than once over the years, and it is magical to witness every time! The Foo Fighters have formed a friendship with rock legends Queen and throughout the years we have been blessed with seeing these bands perform together! We have our fingers crossed it will happen again soon!

When Dave Carried On Performing Despite Breaking His Leg!

In 2015 at Gothenberg’s Ullevi Stadium, Sweden, Dave broke his leg while performing. He took the saying The Show Must Go On seriously, and after receiving medical assistance he returned to the stage that SAME day. We were shook then and still can’t believe his strength and endurance to this day!


While we could go on forever about iconic moments this band has had, such as sharing the stage with Led Zeppelin and Alice Cooper. Or the time when they made a political stand, or when their music was used without their permission and confronted people who protested against minority groups and showed their support for LGBTQ+. We quite simply would be here forever!

So with that said, what we really want to say is congrats guys on 25 years of amazing music, 9 albums, at least 26 singles, countless headline tours, and an infinite number of fans around the globe.

Holy Shit!!! 25 years?! Thank You guys for being with us year after year…for singing along & making every show the best night of our lives. We’re JUST getting started, so buckle Up, 2020… it’s going to be an INSANE year full of some seriously crazy shit…

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Dave Grohl, speaking on the band’s 25th anniversary

Honestly, Dave, we cannot wait to see what you and the guys have in store for us! We’re looking forward to 2020 and know that considering it’s Foo Fighters we’re talking about, it’s bound to be an epic year. We have 25 previous ones to prove our point! Plus Dave said so. Nuff said.


What have been your fave Foo Fighter moments? Are you excited about what 2020 has in store for them and us as fans? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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