CONNECT, BTS Is Unveiled, The Wait Is Finally Over!

CONNECT, BTS Is Unveiled, The Wait Is Finally Over!

On Wednesday January 8, BigHit Entertainment released the map for the latest BTS comeback, Map Of The Soul: 7, which included some CONNECT, BTS events featuring five cities across the world, as well as an online event. There were various theories about what this could mean and with London being the first city listed on the comeback map, ARMY based in the city were curious about what time this would be announced. This being the second event listed after the release of the first trailer Interlude: Shadow last week, read more about this here.

London ARMY showing up at Piccadilly Circus for Midnight on 14th January in Korean Standard Time (3pm on 13th January GMT). When nothing happened ARMY visited the various locations shown in photographs within the background of selfies BTS members had posted using the hashtag #Connect_BTS, but still to no avail.

This then led to theories that the next times to look out for were 12am or 9am GMT, times which ARMY watch out for closely, especially during comeback period.

Bighit Entertainment revealed the details on social media. The company also provided the link to a website for the collaboration, detailing the meaning of Connect BTS and what this would involve.

a global project connecting to connect five cities and twenty-two artists, each of whom contributes their unique philosophy and imagination to it.

The project launch took place in the morning, where BTS featured via video call, gave more insight into the London exhibition and expanded more on what to look forward to with the project. This was hosted at the Serpentine Galleries where #Connect_BTS_London will be taking place between 14th January – 6th March 2020.

The impact on the art world didn’t go unnoticed, which an ARMY outlines briefly within the thread below, highlighting the links BTS have made within the art industry.

There is still a lot more to expect and we can’t wait to see what will happen next with this project and the rest of the events listed in the lead up to the comeback and album release. Are you as stoked as we are? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us over @TheHoneyPOP!

Are you interested in K-Pop? Read more about it here.

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