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Uncle Dan: A Drunk-Punk Philly Delicacy

Uncle Dan: A Drunk-Punk Philly Delicacy

Angelo D’amico | @angelotakesphotos

Dubbing themselves a “drunk punk” (LOVE it) band from Philadelphia, Uncle Dan continues to confirm our theory. You know, the theory that all Philly bands just hit differently. Like most of our well-known favorites, they are sharing their drunk punk style in bars and basements all over the city of brotherly love.

Uncle Dan Album Art
Image source: Uncle Dan album cover art for Band Camp

A five-piece band made up of Shawn Wiseley (Lead Vocals), Eric Mohrman (Guitar), John Guastavino (Guitar), Mitch Millard (Bass), and Charlie Robinson (drums). Unique as all members chip in on backing vocals, they take it a level further when Millard breaks out his trumpet.

Where it all began..

Starting as a band in their high school days, members Shawn and Mitch wrote countless songs. Although they couldn’t quite find the perfect crew to deliver what they coined drunk punk. Never playing any shows before, the band finally made waves when Shawn met Eric and Charlie. They met while attending college at Temple University. Although, this wasn’t the first time Shawn and Charlie met. Both into the scene, they first met at punk fest Skate N’ Surf in Asbury Park. Not at first, but after running into each other at shows across Philly, Charlie and Shawn became real homies. John, new to the band in 2019, joined shortly after meeting the guys. Naturally, at Uncle Dan’s first show in a Temple Basement.

Now, if drunk punk is supposed to make you feel like you want to Stone Cold Steve Austin a PBR against your head, Uncle Dan is killing it. Their songs are fast-paced JAMS. These tunes are the shit you’d shove your friends around to. If that sounds appealing to you, you’ll be happy to know that On October 15th, 2019, Uncle Dan released a self-titled EP. Which you can stream on Spotify.

Uncle Dan live at the Kung Fu Necktie in Fishtown
Angelo D’amico | @angelotakesphotos

Uncle Dan at the Khyber Pass Pub in Philly!

We HIGHLY recommend catching Uncle Dan live to show you the true meaning of drunk punk. Luckily you can do so February 15th at the famous Khyber Pass Pub in Old City, with buddies A Ship Named Beagle. Seriously, don’t miss it, we know we won’t!

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Uncle Dan has no plans to slow down, telling us, “We’re gonna keep ripping it up for as long as we can.” For that, we’re thankful. True to the nature of Philly bands, the sky is the limit for these guys. Check them out and let us know what you think by leaving a comment, or hitting us up on twitter @thehoneypop

Uncle Dan promo
Uncle Dan Via Facebook


Featured Image Source: Angelo D’amico | @angelotakesphotos

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  • These guys are self-made retards. The drummer didn’t even play drums in high school so no they didn’t form in high school. They shoot dope and put on sloppy performances, not to mention their music is absolute garbage. The journalist either knows the band or they paid him to write this. Unless you like fentanyl and getting sucked into someones lazy energy stay away from these clowns.

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