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EXO’s Chen Announces His Engagement and Fiancé’s Pregnancy

EXO’s Chen Announces His Engagement and Fiancé’s Pregnancy

EXO’s main vocalist Chen just gave all EXO-L’s the biggest and best surprise of our lives when he shared a handwritten letter on LYSN (EXO’s official fan club) addressed to the fans, announcing that not only has he found someone to love, but he plans on spending the rest of his life with her! 

Hello, this is Chen.

I had something to say to my fans, that is how I came to write this letter.

I am unsure how to start this, so I am very nervous and anxious. But I want to be honest first to my fans, who have given me so much love, so I am uploading this letter, as lacking it may be.

I have a girlfriend, with whom I want to spend the entirety of my life with. There were many worries and concerns about what kind of situation may come of this at first, but so that my members, company, and the fans who have shown pride in me would not be shocked by sudden news, was communicating with my company and discussing with my members because I wanted to deliver his news just a little sooner.

During that time, a blessing came to find us. A situation where discussing our plans with the company and members became necessary/unavoidable arose. I was very taken aback, but I was able to gain strength through this blessing.

I was worrying about when and how to deliver this news, but I carefully mustered up the courage so that I would not delay it any longer.

My sincere gratitude to my members, who gave me their sincere congratulations after hearing the news. And to all the fans who gave me, who is lacking, so much love, I give you my deep gratitude.

I will always remember my thankful heart and always try my best without changing/moving from my place. I will show you a version of myself that can return all the love you have sent me.

I will always remember my thankful heart and always try my best without Always, thank you.

Credit: @lunarkjd on twitter

SM Entertainment released a statement confirming Chen’s relationship and announced that the bride is not a celebrity. In addition to this, the wedding will be a private ceremony for only close family members and friends. I’m still completely overwhelmed and blown away by everything that Chen revealed in his letter, but right now all I can focus on is how ecstatic I am thankful that he has found his soulmate amidst the chaos of the KPOP industry. I’m especially thankful that he came forward and revealed the news on his own terms to the fans before the media could. There are not enough words to express how grateful I am for the trust Chen has with EXO-L’s.

After the letter was published, many fans immediately took to social media to share their heartfelt elation and congratulations to our sweet Chen for managing to find love amidst his extremely stressful and busy schedule as a member of not only the KPOP group EXO, but their subunit EXO-CBX. He also released not only one, but TWO successful solo albums in 2019, and has managed to make a name for himself as an individual soloist outside of his main group. The fact that he was able to maintain a relationship while keeping it private is incredible, and I could not be happier for him. Here are some of the best reactions on Twitter to the news of Chen’s baby and fiancé.

Many EXO fans affectionately refer to Chen as “The Ballad Prince of EXO”, and “National Wedding Singer”. However, the tables have turned now and Chen will be the one walking down the aisle instead! I can only imagine how dashing Chen and the EXO members will look in black suits and how beautiful his bride will be. The biggest question of all though is who will sing at the wedding singer’s wedding?

The greatest part of all though is that Chen revealed that while discussing his wedding plans with his company and his fellow EXO members, he received a surprise blessing, aka we’re getting a mini Chen! I’m so excited for Chen to start building his little family, and I cannot wait for the baby to come. I know he will make an amazing father, and to celebrate his engagement to his fiancé, his upcoming wedding, and his little mini-me. There are so many reasons why he deserves endless love and support as he is transitioning into a new and exciting phase, so these are a few of my favorite things about Chen.

His kindness

Back when EXO had 12 members, the group took a trip to a haunted house together. When Chen went through the house, he showed no signs of fear. Instead, he intentionally went looking for the actors that were supposed to jump out and scare him so that he could give them hot packs to keep them warm. Even since his early days of being a singer, Chen has always had a kind and compassionate heart, and this specific moment has stood out to me the most.

When he live streamed for fans for the first time

Before the release of Dear My Dear, Chen hosted his first-ever solo live stream with fans on the VLIVE app. During that time, he spoiled some of the new songs on the upcoming album. It was so refreshing to be able to see his face and hear his voice since he doesn’t have any form of social media to interact with fans. While he was on VLIVE, Chen smiled and laughed a lot and it was so heartwarming to see how happy and excited he was reading the fans’ comments and talking about Dear My Dear.

His silliness

Chen is part of the beagle line or the group of members born in 1992 in EXO (along with Baekhyun and Chanyeol). These members are characterized for being especially playful and mischievous, and Chen is no exception. Once, when some of the EXO members were live streaming on VLIVE, he interrupted them by yelling at the camera. It’s never a dull moment with him, and his silly humor really helps to lighten up the mood in the group. 

When he tried to drink out of his microphone

Even vocal legends have their funny moments too! On multiple occasions during EXO’s tours, Chen has accidentally tried to take a sip out of his microphone, thinking that it was his water bottle instead! We can’t blame him, it must be exhausting sounding that amazing all of the time. 

His out-of-this-world vocals

As the main vocalist for EXO, Chen is renowned for his wide vocal range and technique. He is able to hit high notes with such ease without breaking a sweat. He has performed with highly esteemed vocalists such as Kyuhyun of Super Junior and can even sing songs that were originally written in a key for female artists. Whether he’s singing an EXO song, his own solo song, or covering another artist’s track, Chen is able to take any song, add his own creative touch, and sing it perfectly. 


Hey Mama
Drop That

Beautiful Goodbye

Like Being Hit By a Bullet
Wolf remix

His songwriting abilities

In addition to being an incredible vocalist, Chen is also a prolific songwriter. He has songwriting credit for multiple songs under his name, and I am constantly in awe of the amount of raw talent that he possesses. His lyric-writing ability is just as good as his singing, and it’s not hard to see why. Chen has a way of writing harmonious lyrics that perfectly describe his personal thoughts and experiences through visual imagery and alluring metaphors. His songs are very emotional and really pull at your heartstrings. These are my favorite Chen-written lyrics.


why do you dream so dangerously.
(now stop tiring) you’re heart and let it rest.
My heart is shredded
into pieces watching you.

You’re showered by a shower of starlight
I’ve never seen such an entrancing expression
I see you still like a picture.
At the end of the gaze

as if nothing has happened
You painfully smile toward me,
but your slender white shoulders
start trembling, I’m telling you

rest by me
You can come.
When dawn comes you can
fly toward the moon, yeah
rest by me
You can come.

She’s Dreaming

Even the stars fall asleep on this late-night
The moon is alone in the sky
As it softly falls through the window and shines
It makes you dream of me

When the deep night is about to be over
I’ll disappear like smoke
But when the night darkens I’ll bring the dream
And fall down on you

Touch It

Your breathtaking silhouette
You’re as beautiful as a painting
Even your smallest movements
That drive me crazy

Lights Out

‘Lights Out” is an extremely beautiful song from EXO’s 2017 winter album Universe that is completely self-written by Chen. This song has provided a lot of comfort over the years to many fans including myself, because the lyrics make you feel like you’re not alone. It’s like Chen is offering his shoulder to cry on, and telling us that everything will be okay.

All asleep in my arms
Don’t wake up
Morning will come again
So you can peacefully dream
At the end of this loneliness
Just turn off the lights today

When you lift your head
Smile for me
So you can forget your pain
So you can fall asleep
With the small but precious memories


My heart is filled with only silence
It’s completely empty, even the warmth scatters
Like a single stem flower that’s been enduring alone
In my sleepless and waiting heart
I hope spring will hurry and come
So the spring wind that came after winter
Can enter me once again

My Dear

On this night, even the hanging stars
Are asleep without a sound
Shall we bring out our memories
Close your eyes
The light of the brilliant moon
Dances its last dance
Like riding atop a swing
Even as it drifts away from you

His ability to touch fans’ hearts

Not only is Chen good at writing songs, but he also has a way with words when it comes to speeches. He is always working hard to make the fans, his members, and his family proud. He treats every day as an opportunity to grow and develop as an artist and as a person, and I think that is something we should all aim to do. 

He can sing in multiple languages

When it comes to music, language is not a barrier for Chen. Not only can he sing in Korean, but he also can sing in Japanese, Mandarin, and English. He even did a cover of a Vietnamese song with EXO at Music Bank in Ha Noi, Vietnam, which is pretty impressive considering that it is a tonal language like Mandarin. What I know for sure is, no matter what language Chen sings in, everything that comes out of his mouth is music to my ears.

Cosmic Railway (Japanese)

Người Ấy (Vietnamese)

Open Arms (English)

His bond with the other EXO members

One of the things that I have always loved most about EXO is the members’ relationships with one another. Not only are they teammates on the stage, but they are brothers off of the stage as well. 


Perhaps one of the most iconic relationships in EXO is Xiuchen, or Xiumin and Chen’s friendship. They are one of the pairs that are closest in EXO, and Minseok (Xiumin’s legal name) has once even referred to Chen as his wife! 


EXO started their fifth tour EXplOration last year to cover songs from their album Don’t Mess Up My Tempo, and even included some songs from their latest album, Obsession. During one of the concerts, Suho started hugging Chen, and in response, Chen rested his head on the EXO leader’s shoulder. This sweet moment between the members is definitely a memory I will always cherish.



When any of the members of the beagle line get together, chaos is sure to ensue! Together, Baekhyun and Chen make up 2/3 of the EXO subunit EXO-CBX (Chen, Baekhyun, Xiumin). Watching the both of them singing after inhaling helium is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.





When Chen’s second solo album Dear My Dear was released, he held a special showcase to promote it. Usually, these events have an MC, but since all of Chen’s friends were busy, he didn’t want to bother them, and instead took it upon himself to be his own MC. Luckily, Sehun offered to be the MC, but the fact that Chen was selfless and didn’t want to inconvenience others around him is yet another instance of his sweet nature.

His beautiful smile

Chen has one of the softest and sweetest smiles I have ever seen. He has such a bright personality and anytime he walks in the room, everyone’s’ spirit is instantly lifted. He has such a positive aura around him, and it’s impossible not to fall in love with him.

He’s great with kids

Over the years we have gotten some content of Chen with kids, so the thought of him having his own child isn’t that hard to imagine. From the videos, it’s easy to see how much patience he has for children and how well he gets along with them. The thought of Chen playing and taking care of his own baby is more than I can handle! 

His love for the fans

EXO-L’s are a very important part of Chen’s life and he never fails to let them know that. He is constantly looking after their health and safety, and it’s endearing when an artist reciprocates the support they receive from their fans.

During EXO’s fourth tour The ElyXiOn, Chen changed the lyrics in ‘Sing for You’ from “You’re a gift from God” to “EXO- L are a gift from God”. Needless to say, every single EXO-L’s heart fluttered that night when they heard him sing that. 

He is so thoughtful

What do EXO and EXO-L’s have in common? Their love for Chen of course! His fellow group members have said that they consider him to be the most thoughtful person in the group since he’s always thinking of others. Fans have also mentioned his selflessness and kindness as some of the reasons why they admire him so much. Chen always puts others before himself and it is easy to see why so many people are inspired by him.

Chen is one of the most talented and hardest working idols in not only the KPOP industry but all of the music industry. He is incredibly sweet and has shown on countless occasions how thoughtful, caring, patient, and kind he is. I have no doubt that he will be an incredible father and wish him nothing but the best for his upcoming wedding and his new family. I absolutely am over the moon and can not wait to welcome his baby to the EXO family. Chen has come so far since he first debuted with EXO back in 2012, and becoming a father and husband is just another exciting moment in his life that I know he will do well in. I am so proud of who you have become Chen and I will continue to love and support you, today, tomorrow, and all of the years to come.

How excited are you for Chen to become a husband and father? Let us know in the comments down below or tweet us at @TheHoneyPop!

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