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Grayscale Releases Emotional Video and Important Message for ‘Tommy’s Song’

Grayscale Releases Emotional Video and Important Message for ‘Tommy’s Song’

Tommy's Song

January 18, 2020
Within 48 hours, Grayscale and their fans have come together to raise over $3,200 for AFSP! You can go to their website and follow a live counter of the donations.

It’s an incredible thing being done here. What these guys are doing, using their platform and their voice to help improve such a broken, lacking system is admirable. Please consider donating and helping spread their story.


October 5, 2019
Grayscale ended their first headlining tour in their hometown of Philadelphia, with an oversold crowd at the Theater of Living Arts. After a non-stop night of heightened emotions and experiences, the set ended with an extremely vulnerable and emotional performance of “Tommy’s Song,” complete with a gospel choir.

January 16, 2020
In the midst of preparing for their second headlining tour, the band took to social media to create a call-to-action and share the message of “Tommy’s Song” and the live video of the raw, heart-wrenching performance. Down below, you’ll find their touching explanation, as well as find a link to donate to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the video of that unforgettable night in Philadelphia.

“Tommy’s Song” is a song written for Collin’s cousin, Thomas Patrick Walsh, who took his own life last April. Tommy was 20 years old. The song is told from Collin’s perspective of the event itself, and the grief experienced thereafter. It was challenging for us to write a song in a way that we felt captured the impact of the situation appropriately. “Tommy’s Song” was written with the help of our friend, Skylar Patzer, who beautifully performed the piano track on this song, and also featured a choir singing the reprise and carrying the song through its grandiose ending.

Collin has made it clear that this was the hardest song he’s ever written and recorded from a lyrical and vocal perspective. So much so, that during the time of recording the vocals, a lot of the vocal takes were so incredibly emotional that Collin was doubtful that they would even be usable. Our producer found a way to help him push through, however, and we ended up using many of these emotional moments on the final track. They helped contribute to capturing the raw emotional character of the story.

The first (and possibly last) time we performed this song live was on October 5th, 2019 at the Theatre of Living Arts in Philadelphia, PA on our first ever headline tour. We only wanted to perform this song the way it was intended to be realized, which was with a full gospel choir. The 1,100+ crowd sang with the choir in tandem, “I heard Gospels singing in my head…” to close out our most memorable show to date. The performance was exactly how we pictured it; beautiful and conclusive.

Today, we wanted to share with you the impact of this song. We captured “Tommy’s Song” live on camera so that you can watch and feel what it was like that night, and to show you how this story has affected not just Collin and the band, but every single person in the room that night.

Please take a moment to donate, in memory of Tommy, and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

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Image and video: Jordan Mizrahi

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