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Sweet Releases They Get Sweeter Every Week!

Sweet Releases They Get Sweeter Every Week!

As it’s the start of a new decade, we at The Honey Pop wanted to treat you to some sweet releases of the best new songs, artists and albums the music scene has to offer. There is something for everyone, new artists you won’t want to miss and songs that will light up your life.

Get ready for our weekly burst of sweet releases, to end your week on a high!

Boniface — ‘OH MY GOD’

Boniface’s new single ‘Oh My God’ grabs your attention from the very start. The synth-pop song starts off with a killer beat, and slowly builds to meaningful verses and a melodic chorus. With this track, they have really captured that indescribable feeling of what it’s like to speak up about your feelings for someone. It’s a very positive, empathetic song and is relatable in nearly everyone’s lives.

Michelle Kash — ‘Personal Jesus’

Who doesn’t love Depeche Mode? Michelle Kash pays homage to the legendary band in her rendition of ‘Personal Jesus’. This cover of the song starts off with a slow build up into the beat. The beat drops followed by the smooth, sultry vocals of Michelle Kash. The music video adds a certain mysterious element to the track. The sultry voice over the smooth beats really breathes new life into this classic track. What epic homage to an iconic band, one about to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Nu Deco Ensemble — ‘Queen Vol.1’

You’ve never heard Queen like this! A beautifully rendered orchestral version of many of Queen’s biggest hits. An unbelievable performance to pay tribute to one of the greatest bands in the industry. 18 minutes of pure awe-stricken entertainment. We cannot recommend this enough, it’s unmissable!

Nae — ’80’s Arcade’

‘80’s Arcade’ starts off by building up the catchy beat, which has you dancing along immediately. The synth-pop song radiates a very nostalgic sound. The music video offers amazing visuals to match. This song encompasses the perfect mixture of lyricism and beat production.

Ama Lou — ‘We Tried, We Tried’ Video

The quirky music video for Ama Lou’s, ‘We Tried, We Tried’ really brings the song to life. The R&B Soul track speaks on the breaking down of a relationship. Ama has thoughtfully played that out in her new music video. The song is definitely one that will make you want to dance, but will also still make you feel something with it’s meaningful lyrics.

We Are The City — ‘Killer B Side Music’ Video

‘Killer B-Side Music’ is a song that is mellow and intense all in one, with soft mellow verses and a loud powerful chorus, the video matches the song perfectly. It’s completely shot on smartphones and incorporates Instagram live. It was shot in a hotel room and the outcome is incredible. The band had no plan going into the project and although they just went with the flow, it has not disappointed. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the song. It will be on We Are The City’s new album RIP due for release on January 24th. You don’t want to miss it.

Vagrants — ‘Apathy’

Vagrants have created something powerful and special with ‘Apathy’ if you love metal and screamo then this track displays these genres in its finest form. Strong, emotive lyrics layered over an incredibly talented band performance. The guitars and drums work perfectly alongside the lyrics. This song hits hard, in the best kind of way.

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‘Christopher Walking’ is POP SMOKE’s newest single. New York Times described him as ‘Brooklyn Rap’s Homecoming King’ and he doesn’t disappoint. If you are into hard and dirty hip-hop/rap tunes then POP SMOKE is definitely for you. This new single and video is very typically rap with some ingenious transitions between shots to mix with the fast past beats and lyrics. It is definitely a song to bop your head along to!

Well, there you have it, Another week of Sweet Releases! We’ve compiled your newest playlist of potential favorites and maybe some new big hits! Again, you can totally thank us later.

What do you think of these Sweet Releases? Do you have a sweet song you think should be added to our list? Check out past installments here.Then let us know what you thought of them down in the comments, or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

Featured Image Source: Bilge ZeynepWords: Kat Voss, Emily Defoor and Jodie Rose Loren

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