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BTS Release Their First Single And We Can’t Stop Playing It!

BTS Release Their First Single And We Can’t Stop Playing It!

Masterpiece, overwhelming, otherworldly, beautiful … these are just a sample of the infinite expressions people have been using to describe BTS’ first single release, ‘Black Swan’, and they are not wrong. The boys bring a new sound to our playlists and we’re all for it!

The song is presented along an artistic video with a contemporary choreography performed by amazing dancers. The group will be releasing their new album Map Of The Soul:7 on February 21st, and pre-sales have already surpassed 3M copies!

Black Swan and the upcoming comeback

Image Source: BigHit Entertainment

Black Swan has a very different tone, one we are not used to from BTS. The classic Hip Hop trap is a variety that is intriguing for the group’s panoply. Some fans went as far as saying BTS are finally fishing out the routes of their debut – a group with deep Hip Hop and rap based music.

After the Interlude release, we have all the hype on the table for the boys. BTS seem to be able to surprise every time, even if you already have high expectations. Black Swan may not suit your tastes by the particular trap sound, but ultimately is an amazing song. The instrumental is undeniably well crafted with a different sound of chord instruments.

One of the most noticed and pointed out details was, however, the usage of auto-tune. It’s not the first time artists use the auto-tune in their songs and BTS is not an exception, even if the boys have multiple times proven that they don’t have the need for that. Auto-tune can serve for artistic ways, and Black Swan is the very proof of that. Theory says that BTS blend their voices in order to show a certain unity within the group. And if there’s something they’re known for is how the members call each other family and support each other full heartily.


Image Source: BigHit Entertainment

The lyrics are just masterpiece worthy. BTS have been known for the capability to connect and speak their minds through heartfelt and super well-crafted lyrics. The song was co-written and co-produced by BTS’ leader RM, and speaks of the loss of losing or drifting away from your passion. Like a new example of how the pressure that someone can feel on their backs may take away even the spark from what we like doing the most. Korean news outlets have even entitled ‘Black Swan’ it as “a confession from true artists”.

“If this can no longer resonate
No longer make my heart vibrate
Then like this may be how
I die my first death”

RM, Black Swan

From their Connect BTS – which you can read more about in here – to the artistic details that have been feature in these comeback’s scheduled videos, BTS’ have been releasing and creating an amazing project in support of new artists around the world.  The art film for Black Swan is not any different.

Art Film

The video doesn’t feature any of the boys. Rather a group of dance students from MN Dance Company, who perform beautifully an equally amazing choreography. The details are so incredibly crafted, that someone looking into all the meanings may even overwhelmed (I know I did).

The choreography clearly features the rising of the Black Swan from the struggles of fears, pressure and the darkness within one self. The scenario portrays an empty lot, that can also resemble the leftovers of something that once was – maybe the spark of our likes, maybe our oldest self as we grow, who knows?

Image Source: BigHit Entertainment

Black Swan, all in all, is a masterpiece as we could expect from the present most successful group in the industry. If someone thought BTS would be slacking off after all their success to date, they’d be most definitely wrong. BTS are not kidding when they say they do put all their souls into art and music. And watching them take small bits of other types and forms of arts to create a unity around the world, along with light to new artists, makes it even more meaningful.

If you want to catch a few fan reactions and theories, just check some tweets below!

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Featured Image source: BigHit Entertainment

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