What We Know About Freeform’s ‘The Thing About Harry’ Film

What We Know About Freeform’s ‘The Thing About Harry’ Film

After 25 Days of Christmas and 31 Nights of Halloween, Freeform has a new holiday programming block in town! Freeform just announced that they will be hosting their inaugural “Love However the FF You Want” programming event, which will span for 8 days and include tons of Valentine’s themed programming. I guess we better delete Bumble since we won’t have time to be swiping left or right.

While there’s bound to be tons of content for us to watch, including a Valentine’s-themed episode of Good Trouble, we’re most excited for Freeform’s all-new original movie titled The Thing About Harry.

Never heard of The Thing About Harry before? Well, that’s about to change!

Here’s everything you need to know about Freeform’s new original movie The Thing About Harry.

What is The Thing About Harry about?

Image Source: Freeform

The Thing About Harry will center around a pair of high school enemies who are forced to share a car ride for a friend’s engagement party on Valentine’s Day. Things take an exciting turn when “out-and-proud” Sam learns that “uber-jock” Harry is out.

The pair get stuck sharing a motel room where they open up to each other and start developing a deep friendship. After Sam admits that he didn’t know Harry was out, Harry reveals his admiration for Sam’s pride in his sexuality. Of course, after opening up to each other, feelings get involved (this is a rom-com after all), but neither Sam nor Harry confess their feelings to each other.

Audiences will be left wondering if these once enemies will become lovers.

Anything is possible on a road trip!

Who are the characters in and who plays them?

Image Source: Freeform | TV Insider

“Uber-jock” Harry is played by Niko Terho.

Niko is relatively new to the acting scene, as he has only starred in three films (Sno Babies, Sweetbitter, and Howard) before The Thing About Harry. This will be his first romantic-comedy!

Niko is definitely on The Honey Pop’s radar now, and he should be on yours too!

As for his character Harry? Well, little is known about him other than he’s a jock who is out.

“Out-and-proud” Sam is played by Jake Borelli.

Jake Borelli has a bit more experience than Niko does. You may recognize him from Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19, where he plays Dr. Levi Schmitt or as Wolfgang from The Thundermans.

Jake and his character, Sam, have a lot in common. Both were not jocks in high school, and they’re both out and proud!

We can’t wait to see how Jake brings Sam to life!

A movie is hardly a movie with only two characters, which is why The Thing About Harry is full of talented actors and fascinating characters.

Karamo Brown (Queer Eye) plays Paul: an overbearing and pretentious gay man. We’re not sure how Harry and Sam meet Paul, but we bet that he’s going to be an instrumental character in getting them to realize their feelings for each other.

Britt Baron (GLOW) plays Stasia: Sam’s edgy best friend who happens to be very opinionated. Will she think Harry is good enough for Sam? Probably not.

Peter Paige is pulling quadruple duty on The Thing About Harry, serving as director and executive producer, co-writing the script with Josh Senter, and acting as Casey. Casey is Sam’s roommate, who only wants the best for him. Perhaps Casey is the one who will disapprove of Harry. Someone has to!

We can’t wait to see these actors shine and learn more about their characters.

That leads us to our next set of questions …

When and Where Can We Watch ‘The Thing About Harry?’

Image Source: Freeform

Obviously, you can watch The Thing About Harry on Freeform, but when?

Well, The Thing About Harry will premier on February 15th at 8/7c. Just in time for our post-Valentine feels.

We’re certain The Thing About Harry is going to make us all feel great no matter how good or bad our Valentine’s Day was.

Alright, so now you know what The Thing About Harry is about. You know who’s in it and when and where you can watch it. Is there anything else you need to know?

Oh! We forgot one!

Why You Should Watch ‘The Thing About Harry’

Image Source: Britt Baron Instagram

Well, for starters, if you want Freeform to continue to invest in original films (Turkey Drop, Life-Size 2, and Same Time, Next Christmas), then you have to watch them all! The only way to guarantee we keep getting Freeform movies is to show them we want them!

More importantly, The Thing About Harry is promising us a same-sex romantic comedy that’s Valentine’s Day themed! It also has a diverse cast. What more could we ask for? It’s everything we have wanted for years!

If we want Freeform to continue to push the boundaries and represent the underrepresented, then we have to watch

Why else should you watch? Well, because Peter Paige (director, writer, producer, and actor) wrote this film from the heart for themselves and us!

Paige told TV Insider, “[I’ve] always wanted to make a movie — an unabashedly romantic comedy — that queer boys wouldn’t have to translate. It’s rewarding to take the genre to a new, all-inclusive level.”

They want us to know that it’s okay to love whomever and however the F we want!

The cast is already best friends and have the best time together, so their chemistry will be amazing!

Hopefully, we’ve convinced you to cancel all your plans on February 15th so you can watch Harry and Sam fall in love. If we haven’t, we’re confident the trailer will.

Who will you be watching The Thing About Harry with? What are you most excited for regarding the film? Do you think you’re going to love Harry or Sam more? Do you already ship Sarry/Ham? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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To learn more about Freeform and their programming:

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