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Here are the Best Fan Theories Surrounding Louis Tomlinson’s Music Video for ‘Walls’

Here are the Best Fan Theories Surrounding Louis Tomlinson’s Music Video for ‘Walls’

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson dropped the music video for his brand new single ‘Walls’, the title track of his debut album and we’re absolutely loving it!

Louis Tomlinson Walls Music Video
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The surrealist video sees Tommo roaming the Moroccan desert where he encounters a mysterious door before walking through a series of glass panes and sitting on a chair which balances halfway up a brick wall.

Various scenes throughout the video see similar unusual scenarios, such as Louis sprawled on the floor of a ballroom amongst dancing couples as well as being surrounded by masked strangers. There’s even a scene that seems to resemble silhouettes of the One Direction members.

Louis Tomlinson Walls
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The video is subject to what is assumed to be symbolism and has had fans up in arms as they try to debunk the video with their own theories. We’ve been spending our lunch break reading through a bunch of them and decided to share the best ones with you.

A common theory we came across is how the song and video are written as a self perspective of Louis…

Themes of vulnerability has been a concept that many Louies have been drawn to in particular.

Others have been leaning more towards the concept of growth. There’s no denying that Louis has been through a lot of ups and downs over the years, so could growth from the various scenarios potentially be the main theme of the video?

Another interesting one is about him closing a chapter in his life with the One Direction days since this is his debut album and first full-length solo project.

But one theory we are really interested in is that Louis used Carl Jung’s Jungian Psychotherapy theory.

The Jungian Psychotherapy theory is basically a theory of psychological types designed to categorize people in terms of various personality patterns. It has four themes that depict what kind of archetype you are meant to have within your psyche: the anima/animus, shadow, the persona, and the self. Looking at the video, it seems as though Louis exploring the four themes throughout the storyline is the narrative to learn more about who he really is.

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What theories do you believe? Do you have one of your own? Sound off in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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