Everything we know about LOONA’s comeback

Everything we know about LOONA’s comeback

Almost a year after the first teaser, in March 2019 on their YouTube channel, LOONA are set to return with next mini-album # and we can’t wait for what they have in store! Here’s what we know so far about LOONA’s comeback.

Release Date

The comeback date was confirmed as February 5, 2020 in a concept teaser video released on January 10th at Midnight in South Korea.
Orbits are anticipating the group’s first comeback of the year. The visuals of the teaser keep within theme of the group whilst also holding potential hints for the concepts which could feature within the album.


Gradually since January 13th, individual concept photos have dropped for each member, ending with a group teaser photo. The imagery gives a dreamy yet military-esque feel, which could reflect the theme and sound of the album.

Track List

With the reveal of the six tracks featured within the album, came the unveiling of the title track ‘So What’. The 6th track ‘365’ was released on December 13th, reaching #1 on the US iTunes Charts within the first 24 hours, making them the first k-pop girl group to top both the US Albums and Top Songs charts.

With two weeks to go, there is still more in store possibly including music video teasers and an album preview. What are you looking forward to most from this comeback? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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