Malachiae’s ‘Try to Love’ Music Video Out Now

Malachiae’s ‘Try to Love’ Music Video Out Now

Malachiae’s ‘Try to Love’ music video just dropped and it’s out for our hearts. Paired with his soothing R&B sound, the video juxtaposes the lyrics in a simple but sweet way. His classic 90s R&B sound made it hard not to love the video.

While the new music video just dropped, the song dropped last year. And we can still relate to it. Trying at a relationship that isn’t working out is tiring and Malachiae put all those feelings into this song.

Image Source: Universal Music Group

Just his voice and lyrics give us goosebumps but the cute video shows us how both love and conflict work in relationships. We see Malachiae in various settings and outfits focusing on him, the girl, or both of them together.

We may understand the hardships of relationships but Malachiae’s ‘Try to Love’ music video shows us how that’s not all that is in a relationship. Working with director Malachi Lee showed the message Malachiae was trying to get across in an aesthetic and pleasing manner.

We’ve been waiting for this music video for too long and we aren’t disappointed. Check it out below:

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Featured Image Source: A still from Director Malachi Lee’s ‘Try to Love’ music video

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