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Sweet Releases – Sweetest Cure To Winter Blues

Sweet Releases – Sweetest Cure To Winter Blues

As it’s the start of a new decade, we at The Honey Pop wanted to treat you to some sweet releases of the best new songs, artists and albums the music scene has to offer. There is something for everyone, new artists you won’t want to miss and songs that will light up your life.

Get ready for our weekly burst of sweet releases, to end your week on a high!

My Kid Brother — ‘Native Tongue’

‘Native Tongue’ grabs your attention from the very first note. The heavy guitar riff that’s evident through the entire song really keeps you grooving along to the beat. Add in the smooth vocals of the lead singer, and you’ve got yourself a hit! The song is very nostalgic of a 70s/80s rock tune. We are patiently waiting to hear more from My Kid Brother but until then, we have this bop to enjoy!

Tyson Motsenbocker — ‘I Miss The Old Days Too’

Tyson Motsenbocker offers up unique vocals over this slow-tempo track. Tie in beautiful lyricism with the piano accompaniment, and this song is the perfect blend of beautiful and sentimental. Tyson really lets his emotions shine through as he sings about “missing the old days.” He reflects back on all the tragedy that’s stricken the country over the past several years, and feels nostalgic for a simpler, safer time. Something many others can relate to.

Lowen — Only In My Dreams EP

Lowen’s newest EP, Only In my Dreams, offers up 6 very unique sounding tracks. The singer’s voice is unique in itself, add that to the mellow-tempo songs and this EP offers up something new to the music industry. With her vocals and the emotion in this EP, the ‘Only In My Dreams Tour’ is sure to offer Lowen some new found success. Fancy grabbing a ticket? You can, right here.

Alec King — ‘Dangerous’

Alec King is serving us bops! The song starts off with a few techno beats, and then leads into the artist rapping some clever lines. The song invites you to dance as the techno beat continues throughout the entire song. ‘Dangerous’ is one of those songs that lures you in and keeps your attention from start to finish as you sing along.

Kyle Watson — ‘I Got You’ ft Apple Gule

This electro-pop dance track has a killer beat with meaningful lyrics to match. You’ll be dancing along with the techno beat before the singing even starts. Add on the soulful vocals, and boom you’ve got yourself a hit. Kyle Watson and Apple Gule really brought their A-game with this collaboration.

Nicole Bus — ‘Rain’ Video

Nicole Bus’ deep, sultry voice over the song’s piano beat is on a whole other level! Add on the emotional lyrics and Nicole has come to slay with this track. The music video is simplistic, but perfect for portraying the meaning of the song without being over the top. This track is definitely going to be a hot number on her Arise and Shine Tour coming up in February.

Hot Mulligan — ‘BCKYRD’

Hot Mulligan is back with a hot new song. In anticipation of their upcoming album You’ll Be Fine, the band released ‘BCKYRD’ as the latest single and if this is what the rest of the album is going to sound like we can’t wait! If you’re a fan of the classic, early 2000s pop punk sound you should definitely give this track a listen. It’s the perfect song to scream along to while reflecting on what it means to grow up. How much more pop punk can you get? Check it out and let us know what you think!

The Glass Child — ‘Alone With You’

The Glass Child, aka singer and songwriter Charlotte Eriksson, just released her new track ‘Alone With You’ and we couldn’t be more in love. Eriksson’s gentle, clear vocals compliment the soft, slow vibe of the song. It really speaks to anyone who has wanted to hold onto a relationship while simultaneously wanting, and knowing, that they should leave it. It’s clear that there is a lot of emotion and cathartic energy packed into this song and that’s what makes it so great. Go ahead and see for yourself, you can listen to it here!

Lizzy Farrall — ‘Addict’ Video

If Lizzy Farrall’s phenomenal voice wasn’t enough to grab your attention, the groovy bass and catchy chorus sure will be! Farrall uses the “Addict” video to help tell a story of obsession, she shows that infatuation can make you feel crazy and want someone so bad you will risk it all just to be with them. “Addict” is a song you can dance around your living room to, or scream along to as you drive down the freeway.

Freya Ridings — ‘Love Is Fire’

Freya Riding’s deep, elegant voice as she sings ‘Love is Fire’ is a treat for the ears. The lyricism compares to the medium-tempo has you locked and pulled in in a matter of seconds. The music video shows the singer performing across different venues. Her stage presence is amazing, and the crowds really vibe along with her.

See Also

Lindsay Latimer — ‘Bloodstream’

The soft, vocals over a slow piano build up to the beat drop, offers a unique style. Lindsay Latimer croons about addiction in this indie-pop tune. She sings about how social media became toxic to her life and why she had to leave it. We think that’s an eye-opening revelation that many people will relate to.


Frost Koffin’s heavy beat in ‘Misery Rd’ pulls you in with magnetism from the beginning. The hardcore vocals add a powerful element to the song. The visuals offered in the music video are simplistic, yet it’s just enough to not overpower the overall meaning of the track. Frost Koffin have definitely gotten themselves a hit with this song.

Baby Goth –‘Afterparty’ Video

Baby Goth brings us Harley-Quinn vibes in the music video for ‘Afterparty’. Her magnetic vocals mixed with the alt-pop/R&B melody gives off a unique sound. The visuals in the video encompass the lyrics perfectly as we watch the song play out in front of our eyes. Baby Goth has certainly delivered us a certified bop that hopefully will land her a certification of her own.

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Well, there you have it, Another week of Sweet Releases! We’ve compiled your newest playlist of potential favorites and maybe some new big hits! Again, you can totally thank us later.

What do you think of these Sweet Releases? Do you have a sweet song you think should be added to our list? Check out past installments here.Then let us know what you thought of them down in the comments, or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

Featured Image Source: Bilge ZeynepWords: Kat Voss, Emily Defoor and Aman Shamim

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