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5 Reasons Why … You Should Stan Telltale

5 Reasons Why … You Should Stan Telltale

With so many up-and-coming bands flooding the scene, it can be so easy to get lost amongst the crowd. One thing Richmond, VA natives Telltale never struggle with is standing out and making an impact on those around them and we are so here for it! Our team loves jamming out to Telltale in the office, so we’re here to bring you five reasons that you should also be listening to this band.


1. Their music is super catchy and relatable.

From love, relationship struggles, and heartbreak to 9-5 jobs and following your dreams, this pop-punk quartet sure knows how to hit the nail on the head when it comes to relatable topics. With two EPs and a few standalone singles, there’s something for everyone and you’re sure to find a song you easily connect with.


2. Pretty much every Telltale song is perfect for screaming along to!

Image: Jeremy Sobocan

Nothing is more cathartic than being able to go on a long drive, roll the windows down, and blast your favorite songs while you scream along. Telltale has so many songs that were made for this kind of thing and it’s honestly the best. It’s our favorite thing to do after a bad day or when we’re feeling far too many emotions to properly deal. Screaming along to “Breathe” or “Dazy” while creating our own little mosh pits in our car (but only if we’re not the one driving) is almost as good as being in the crowd at their shows.

3. They aren’t afraid to write about heavier subjects or things that need more attention.

Choosing to close an album or EP with a ballad or emotionally heavy song is a bold move, but one Telltale made anyways and we’re super thankful they did. Their most recent EP, Timeless Youth, ends with “Hereditary,” hitting close to home for the guys in the band and for so many people who already listen to them on the regular. One listen to the song and the impact is pretty obvious as the lyrics discuss depression and suicide. Before the first live performance of the track at their last show of 2019, lead vocalist John Carter spoke on the importance of recognizing mental health and talking about it and making the topic itself less stigmatized.


4. Tim, Bryce, Travis, and John are all incredibly friendly.

Image: Rob McKenney

Whether it’s online interactions or in-person after shows or making sure those around them are safe and taken care of, all four guys are often found working to perpetuate a positive environment around themselves and their band. Which is something so needed these days and is so refreshing to see. The safe space created around Telltale is one so many people crave and it definitely helps that it spreads far into their shows, crowds, and music as well.

5. They’ve just announced a show in Bel Air, MD with One Life to Lead and The Great Heights Band!

The line-up for Pop Punk Invasion has been announced and it includes none other than our most favorite Richmond boys. We couldn’t be more stoked for it! Tickets went on sale Wednesday afternoon and are going to sell fast, so make sure you get your hands on them soon! They’re only $10, so there’s no excuse. And don’t forget to check out the other great bands on the line-up too: One Life to Lead and The Great Heights Band. We hope to see you there as part of their first show in 2020!

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Featured Image: Rob McKenney

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