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Get excited, ARMYs! It looks like BTS Will Be Performing at The GRAMMYs!

Get excited, ARMYs! It looks like BTS Will Be Performing at The GRAMMYs!

There was much speculation about whether or not BTS would be attending or performing at the GRAMMYs, especially when they were spotted at the airport jetting off to LA seemingly a week before any of their confirmed schedules for the country, iHeartRadio, and Late Late Show appearances.

Strategically, BigHit began to post-rehearsal footage onto the group’s Instagram account, showing hints at a performance related to the next comeback and album release, Map of the Soul: 7, the first time anything had been posted on this account the Speak Yourself tour information regarding the final shows which were held at the end of October 2019. Even the tour information, which was officially confirmed on Facebook, Twitter and the official BTS website, has yet to be posted on the Instagram account. Find out everything we know about the Map Of The Soul Tour here.

ARMY with keen eyes recognized the curtains as similar to those of the GRAMMYs rehearsal room, though it was still unsure as none of this had been confirmed officially by the group, company or the Recording Academy.

Variety then posted an article featuring an interview with Lil Nas X, which mentioned that he would be performing with the artists who featured on various versions of his record-breaking smash hit ‘Old Town Road’, including BTS. This was seen as confirmation that the group would be attending and performing.

Though it was considered whether their only appearance would be this collaboration and whether it would be the whole group on stage with LNX or just Namjoon, the member featured in the ‘Seoul Town Road’ track.

A few hours later, it seemed Variety edited the article after it was posted, adding a small line that neither ‘the label or the Recording Academy’ had confirmed this lineup. Which brought more speculation as BigHit still had not confirmed this. ARMY then noticed BTS liked Variety’s tweet linking to their article, on their personal Twitter and considered this could perhaps be a confirmation. (Though they have now removed the like).

The final confirmation was a picture posted on Ariana Grande‘s Twitter account featuring her sat between the members (though Yoongi was missing from the photo, leading to ARMY joking about where he could be and some editing him into the photo) the caption explaining that she met at rehearsals. Miss Grande has already been confirmed on the lineup so this was perhaps the final piece of the puzzle we needed, BTS retweeting this onto their account as well and liking Ari’s tweet.

Amusingly, all of the speculation and memes regarding Yoongi’s whereabouts landed the phrase ‘WHERE IS YOONGI’ trending 2nd Worldwide on Twitter.

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As it was stated BTS would perform their new single ‘Black Swan‘ for the first time at the Late Late Show, this left ARMYs wondering what they will be performing at the GRAMMYs. We will just have to wait and see what they have in store for us at the award show.

Are you excited about the GRAMMYs? What are your thoughts regarding what BTS will perform at the award show? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Ariana Grande via Twitter

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