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Waterparks Just Leaked An Album of Demos, And We’re Not Okay

Waterparks Just Leaked An Album of Demos, And We’re Not Okay

Last night, our ears were blessed with leaked Waterparks music!

Image Source: Jawn Rocha

Awsten Knight, Waterparks’s chaotic but lovable frontman, is the king of biting off more than he can chew on Twitter. Earlier today, he jokingly said if his tweet received 20,000 retweets, he would leak an album. Sounds like way too many retweets to be plausible, right? WRONG.

Somehow, in a mere 8 hours, fans and friends of the band congregated together to pull off the incredible feat!

Awsten is definitely a man of his word, no matter how crazy the word is! So, a Soundcloud link was tweeted with a collection of 9 leaked Waterparks tracks.

Die hard fans will recognize titles such as ‘Lemonade‘ and ‘Glitter Times,’ which Awsten has teased before on Instagram live. The audio was notoriously horrible, as they’re just recordings of recordings, and fans have been begging for high quality versions for a long time now. We can now rejoice that we have them in full!

We’re going to be locking ourselves away and listening to these songs on repeat for at least 72 hours straight. ‘Teenage Jealousy’ and ‘Sorry As I’ll Ever Be’ are two of our faves, if we had to pick!

What are your faves? Did you take part in retweeting and are you as in love with the results as we are? Let us in the comments below or send us a tweet @TheHoneyPop

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