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We’re Getting Down to ‘The Get Down’ by Arin Ray

We’re Getting Down to ‘The Get Down’ by Arin Ray

If you’ve never listened to Arin Ray before, do yourself a favor and check out his latest single and music video, ‘The Get Down’. This is the third single off of the EP Phases II and much like the rest of his music, it’s a hit!

The rising Cincinnati artist released the new EP in mid-December, receiving positive reception from fans and critics alike. It features the songs ‘A Seat’ and ‘Change’ featuring Kehlani, both of which are massively successful already. It’s obvious to see why ‘The Get Down’ is doing just as well as it’s predecessors.

In addition to have a track with a Kehlani feature, Arin Ray also joined Ari Lennox on tour. He opened for her during the European leg of the Shea Butter Baby Tour, playing quite a few sold out shows. That’s pretty impressive for up and coming artists. With how popular his music is, maybe we’ll be seeing an Arin Ray tour sooner than we think!

Now, let’s talk about the song and video real quick. If you haven’t watched it yet, you can do so right here:

‘The Get Down’ is a chill, soulful track that helps solidify Arin Ray’s spot in the R&B world. The song has the vibe of classic R&B that we all love and the vocals only improve on that. Arin Ray’s smooth, clear vocals alone make it clear that he is worthy of being known as a rising star in R&B. His vocals embody some of the familiar sounds of R&B that we know and love.

The video itself serves as an interesting contrast to the song. While the song itself has a smooth, chill vibe to it, the video does not. It has everything from dancing to black masked jewelry heists, back room poker games, club confrontations. And of course we can’t forget the femme fatale that leads our boy to the confrontation outside. It’s the type of nitty gritty crime stuff you’d expect from a harder song, but we have to say, we kinda like how the two vibes fit together! We’ll let you be the judge.

A still of Arin Ray from the music video of this latest single 'The Get Down'
Image Source: Perla Diaz

Are you a fan of Arin Ray? What are your thoughts on the new song? Do you want to see him on his own tour one day? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @thehoneypop

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Featured Image Source: Ro.lexx and Perla Diaz

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