Dreamville & Earthgang Drops Music Video For ‘Swivel’

Dreamville & Earthgang Drops Music Video For ‘Swivel’

Thursday is the new Friday when it comes to Dreamville. Last week, they had dropped the Director’s Cut version of their album Revenge of the Dreamers III, which gave us an extra 12 songs. IF you haven’t listened yet, please do so! We promise you will thank us later.

Now, Dreamville has just released the music video for ‘Swivel.’ The artists of Dreamville are far from shallow, as they make sure to create music and visuals with meanings behind it. That being said, the music video is slightly dark.

The black & white video—which matches the vibe to the track perfectly— shows the dangers within a child’s neighborhood. Five kids are riding their bikes together in the woods when they first witness someone stabbing another. Three of them bike back to the street, but one of them is still back there. One boy decides to go back for him, only to found out that he’s dead (well, based on his only finding the bicycle and blood splattered on the leaves).

The boy races back home, frightened by what he had just seen. As soon as he’s back home, you see him pack a gun inside his backpack. On his way back (possibly to the woods), he witnesses another murder. Two men shoot a man who appears to be in a car before running off. The boy investigated the scene before biking down the street— clearly traumatized by what he has seen that night.

Earthgang didn’t choose this visual without a reason; perhaps it could describe a life that they (or a loved one) experienced. If you focus on the lyrics, you’ll also see that it correlates with the video.

But we’d really want to hear from you! What do you guys think of the music video? Have you listened to other songs off of ROTD III? Comment your thoughts down below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop on Twitter!

For More Information on Earthgang

For more information on Dreamville

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