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Fresh Music Friday — All Time Low, Hayley Williams, Waterparks … AND MORE!

Fresh Music Friday — All Time Low, Hayley Williams, Waterparks … AND MORE!

Welcome to Fresh Music Friday! We’re back to give you the rundown on some of our favorite new releases of the week! At The Honey Pop we have these jams on a loop on our playlist and simply LOVE them. We hope you agree!


Megan Thee Stallion — ‘B.I.T.CH’

Sassy, slick and POWERFUL, that’s how we feel when we hear this track. It is virtually impossible to not turn this song up once the intro kicks into full force! If you need to feel empowered and need a burst of motivation this release will certainly give you that much-needed boost! Megan Thee Stallion has created another seamless bop with ‘B.I.T.C.H’ that we will be listening to for the foreseeable future!

Listen to your hearts content here

Doja Cat — ‘Boss Bitch’

Featuring on the upcoming DC film Birds Of Prey this song radiates Harley Quinn energy. It’s fast-paced, insanely catchy and will have you wanting to hit the dance floor immediately! Doja Cat has created something incredibly special, paired with the video where she really shows she is the ‘Boss Bitch’. And deservedly so, it’s colorful, and captivating and tops off what is going to be a firm favorite of ours for 2020! We cannot wait to see what else Doja Cat brings out this year, but we have a feeling you will be seeing more of her in Fresh Music Friday in the months ahead!

Wanna stream this gem? We got you!

Rosalía — ‘Juro Qué’

Rosalía tells a story of an unconditional, all-consuming love with ‘Juro Qué’. Her lover has been imprisoned for over 400 days and she is at the point where she is willing to sacrifice everything for their reunion. Sung in her native language of Spanish, the song is a tale of frustration and passion saying no matter what she will be waiting for him, until the day they can be united once more. It is too powerful to not be in our line-up this week and it’s hard not to feel emotional while listening to it.

Need to listen to more? Look no further!

Hayley Williams — ‘Simmer’

The incredible Hayley Williams of Paramore is back with a strong presence in the form of ‘Simmer’. Stunning vocals paired with a sinister yet eloquent instrumental make for a bold and confident power move, showing that with time Hayley just gets better and better. The evolution that has come with this track is all-consuming and hypnotizing and we’re hooked, that’s for sure!

To stream ‘Simmer’ visit here!

All Time Low — ‘Some Kind Of Disaster’

All Time Low apparently have some kind of magic formula, and they just can’t make a bad song! ‘Some Kind Of Disaster’ literally provides goosebumps with its lyrical delivery and anthemic vibes. It is one of those songs that sometimes you really just need to sit back and absorb and take in. It has words we all need to hear and the video paired with it takes you on a journey of discovery. We’re truly in love with this song and Fresh Music Friday would not be complete without it!

Need to stream this? No worries, just go here!

Loey & MQ — ‘Slow Walk’

A smooth delightful beat, paired with lyrics that are set to take you into another dimension Loey & MQ’s delivery of ‘Slow Walk’ provides a track that owns our hearts. Swaying along to the catchy beat, and overlaid with a performance that truly blesses our eyes and ears, this single crosses all barriers and will have you singing along in no time. You NEED this song AND video in your life! This is the groove of the week here at THP!

Chanyeol X Punch — ‘Go Away Go Away’

Our second entry this week for EXO‘s Chanyeol, ‘Go Away Go Away’ is a truly beautiful track with moving lyrics. With “Don’t go away go away” whirling around inside your mind, this ballad is compellingly encapsulating and really takes you through it. This is a track you simply need to hear to believe how truly pretty and wonderful it actually is.

Stream this bop here!

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Dynamic Duo and Chen — ‘You’

This track draws you in with some of the most angelic vocals we’ve heard so far this year. Add in some creatively wonderful lyrics, and you’ve got one hell of a hit on your hands — it’s this. This is the hell of a hit. The emotive video has to be witnessed in all its glory, it tells a story that ‘You’ need to see for yourself!

Need this on repeat? Enjoy in all its splendour here!

Waterparks — ‘1A’

Rock powerhouse Waterparks surprised fans this week with an unexpected EP drop. It’s an eclectic collection that clearly reflects the unexpected nature of the release! ‘Noise Boys’ slams tbh, and snapped up our attention immediately. Then you have ‘Teenage Jealousy’ which honestly SHOULD be a single. Just saying it ‘slaps’ doesn’t feel like we’re saying how great this song is. ‘Sorry As I’ll Ever Be’ is catchy and relatable and encapsulates everything we love about Waterparks. Resistance is futile. Stan now.


We hope you have enjoyed our faves of this week. Are any of them tracks you have already been jamming out too? If not which ones did you then check out and fall in love with? We LOVE to hear from you so please drop a comment or tweet us @TheHoneyPop and let us know!

Want more music content? Look no further we gotchu!

Featured Image Source: All Time Low via Instagram | Hayley Williams via Instagram |Waterparks via Twitter

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